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ChefAi Hosokawa

After graduating from university, she moved to Italy to study cooking in various regions. After returning to Japan, she taught cooking lessons in Tokyo and wrote books.
After marrying the potter Morimitsu Hosokawa in 2009, she moved to his home prefecture of Kumamoto, where she established a base of operations at Taishoji Temple in Kumamoto City, for markets that connect farmers, cooks, and consumers, as well as cooking lessons. Today, she works tirelessly to share the joys of Kumamoto's food with the world.

Apr. 14, Fri. 2017

Cook Around Japan [Kumamoto]

Kumamoto Style Italian Cuisine

In this second episode in Kumamoto, our host Yu Hayami will be visiting chef Ai Hosokawa, a Kumamoto resident. Chef Hosokawa says that ingredients from Kumamoto have strong flavors, and she'll be using those flavors to make simple Italian-style dishes.
She'll be using Kumamoto's famous horse meat and akaushi beef to make a tagliata sliced steak dish, served with a sauce that uses plenty of fresh local strawberries — strawberries that have attracted international attention of late. She'll also be making fragrant and delicious gnocchi, served with a sauce made with aonori seaweed, a sea plant that grows in brackish water.