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ChefAyaka Yamamoto

A legendary figure of the Ryukyu Cuisine world who has brought the traditions of Okinawa to today.
Ayaka Yamamoto was once a traditional Ryukyu dancer, and was taught Ryukyu cuisine by her mother as a way to pass it down to the next generation. Today, even at over 80 years of age, she continues her work in the culinary world, passionately sharing Ryukyu Cuisine both within Japan and overseas.

Nov. 4, Fri. 2016

Cook Around Japan

Okinawan Home Cooking

In part 2 of this special, we will be learning more about Ryukyu Cuisine, the unique food culture developed in the Ryukyu Kingdom through exposure to Japanese, Chinese, and Southeast Asian cultures.
Our host Yu Hayami will visit Ayaka Yamamoto, the leading authority on the traditional cuisine of the Ryukyu Islands, and both learn about the essence of Ryukyu culture and cuisine, while sharing Okinawa's food culture with the world.
In this second episode, we will be learning about Ryukyu home cuisine, including how to make three dishes: fu-irichi, bira-garamachi, and kufa-jushi.