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ChefAyaka Yamamoto

A legendary figure of the Ryukyu Cuisine world who has brought the traditions of Okinawa to today.
Ayaka Yamamoto was once a traditional Ryukyu dancer, and was taught Ryukyu cuisine by her mother as a way to pass it down to the next generation. Today, even at over 80 years of age, she continues her work in the culinary world, passionately sharing Ryukyu Cuisine both within Japan and overseas.

Oct 28, Fri. 2016

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Ryukyu Royal Cuisine

The prefecture of Okinawa at the southern tip of Japan once flourished as the independent Ryukyu Dynasty, and its unique and colorful culture remains to this day. Ayaka Yamamoto is a legendary chef who draws on the traditions of the Ryukyu Dynasty for modern Ryukyu cuisine, and in this two-part special she will introduce us to Ryukyu cuisine. In this first episode, she will be preparing three dishes. The first of these is minudaru, a dish made by topping steamed pork with plenty of black sesame. This dish is representative of Okinawa's food culture, and was once served as an appetizer to foreign dignitaries visiting the Ryukyu Kingdom, as a way of demonstrating hospitality. The second dish is stewed pork spareribs, considered the finest delicacy. Finally, her third dish is rúyìzomin, a beautiful clear soup made with somen noodles, with a name representing its auspicious meaning.