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Sep. 22, Fri. 2017

Cook Around Japan

Aemono with Kamakura vegetables in 3 different sauces

*This program was first broadcast on Jul. 22, 2016

In this two-week special episode, chef Saito and host Yu Hayami step out of the studio and visit the Kamakura and Shonan regions of Kanagawa, introducing the wonders of the local ingredients. The first week covers Kamakura, a popular destination for top chefs and tourists from Tokyo in recent years. Produce of this region includes the fresh Kamakura vegetables, numerous varieties ranging from ancient local breeds to the newest foreign plants grown in small batches.

They go on to visit the leading producers of the area to discover the allure of the vegetables of Kamakura. Using the seasonal produce they've just bought, Chef Saito will be showing how to make three basic dressings used in Japanese homemade dishes--the sesame and rice vinegar, tofu and vegetables, and Japanese mustard and miso. We'll be learning about a Japanese way of eating vegetables, choosing the most suiting vegetable for each dressing that enhances the seasonal flavor.