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ChefKiyoshi Mametani

The fourth-generation head of an Ise Udon shop in operation for over 90 years.
Alongside his family, he spends his days putting the traditional noodle-making techniques handed down to him into practice.

May 27, Fri. 2016

Cook Around Japan

Ise Udon

This second episode is dedicated to the Ise-Shima, Mie area of central Japan, where the G7 Summit will be held, and has long been a beloved traditional sightseeing destination. We'll learn from an expert how to make Ise Udon, a local noodle dish served to weary travelers to rejuvenate their minds and bodies. We'll also learn all about how to eat it from the "Ise Udon Ambassador," including easy instructions for how to make your own Ise Udon at home. For our second dish, we'll be focusing on Tekone Sushi, made with some of Ise-Shima's famously fresh and delicious seafood.