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ChefSadakatsu Matsuura

Chairman of an organization for chefs of Japanese cuisine in Ise-Shima. Spends his days working to make the fullest use of local ingredients from Ise-Shima. More recently, he has also worked to teach visiting chefs from abroad the techniques of Japanese cuisine. He has been recognized on a national level for his skills, and is a recipient of a yellow ribbon medal.

May 20, Fri. 2016

Cook Around Japan

Kaiseki-style Seafood Dishes

In our next two episodes, we'll be focusing on the Ise-Shima, Mie area of central Japan, which has been in the spotlight recently for the G7 Summit being held there. This scenic area is a treasure trove of fresh, delicious seafood, and we'll be learning about Kaiseki-style cuisine, which uses expert skills to bring out the very best of this incredible seafood. This episode will be focusing on two dishes: onigawara-yaki style grilled spiny lobster, made with one of Ise-Shima's best known catches, and handmade sushi balls, topped with a wide variety of the best of land and sea that Ise-Shima has to offer.