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ChefKuni Ando

The representative of the Rakudokai farmers' group in Kuwada, Isumi, Chiba. Rakudokai is built on a belief in offering hands-on experiences of every step of farming, from planting seeds to harvesting to cooking, and offers seasonal hands-on farming experiences, as well as hands-on fruit and vegetable harvesting experiences. They also offer lessons on how to cook or make sweets with the ingredients they grow, helping them to share the local charms of Chiba with an ever-increasing number of people.

Feb. 26, Fri. 2016

Authentic Japanese Cooking

Artisan edition in Chiba : Futomaki Sushi

In this episode, we'll be visiting Chiba. Its location on the Pacific coast gives it a temperate climate perfect for farming and fishing, making it a great place to find delicious foods. Our host Yu Hayami will be visiting the town of Isumi, located in southern Chiba, to show us the joys of the town through the local people. We'll also be meeting a local chef who will show us a local type of futomaki sushi, a popular food for special occasions in the area. The variety of different traditional rolling techniques on display has earned this local dish a lot of attention in recent years. By using local ingredients, we'll see how to make a futomaki sushi roll full of Chiba flavor.