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ChefKenichi Soma

The head of the Kaiseki banquet-style restaurant Soma in Sawara, Katori, Chiba, and recipient of numerous awards, including a yellow ribbon medal, for his skills within the world of Japanese cuisine. His combination of traditional techniques and elaborate modern presentation has likewise earned his dishes the support of his many customers. Today, he operates his restaurant alongside his son Hiroki, whom he has passed his techniques down to.

Feb. 19, Fri. 2016

Authentic Japanese Cooking

Artisan edition in Chiba : Koedo Kaiseki Cuisine

Townscapes from the Edo period still exist in the Sawara District of Katori City, Chiba Prefecture, an unexplored tourist spot where visitors can experience traditional Japan. Visiting this town, where skilled chefs demonstrate Japanese cooking techniques, is just like traveling back to that period in time. In this episode, we’ll introduce Kaiseki banquet-style cuisine, a feast for both the eyes and the tongue, made using original high-grade ingredients that are unique to Japanese cuisine, such as traditional seasonings, mizu-shio salted water, and kuzu starch.