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ChefShuji Tokuda

Head chef of a high-class restaurant in Kochi. After honing his skills at hotels and restaurants, in 2013 he was awarded recognition by Kochi City as a skilled person of merit in honor of his 30-year career as an expert chef.

Dec. 4, Fri. 2015

Authentic Japanese Cooking

Artisan edition : Seared Bonito

Our theme this episode is seared bonito tuna. We’ll be learning about Kochi Prefecture, located on the Pacific coast and positively overflowing with outstanding seafood, for famously delicious seared bonito tuna. These fresh and wonderfully fatty tuna are caught with rods and lines, and then briefly grilled to a sear over a straw fire, sealing in the delicious wild tuna flavor that makes this such a popular local dish. We’ll learn from the head chef of one of Kochi’s most famous high-class restaurants, which has been in operation for centuries. We’ll also try moray eel, one of Kochi’s most popular foods, both lightly breaded and deep-fried, and in a hotpot. Finally, in our Master Chef’s World corner, we’ll learn about sawachi-ryori, a style of local cooking that grew out of Kochi’s culture of hospitality.