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ChefYoshio Kogure

This unagi (eel) specialist has worked in famous unagi specialty restaurants since before he was 20, polishing his skills. He now puts his talents to work at a nearly century-old unagi restaurant in Shibuya, Tokyo. He boasts over two decades of experience working with unagi, and his delicate techniques have earned him the support of his peers in the world of unagi cooking.

Aug. 12, Fri. 2016

Authentic Japanese Cooking

Artisan edition : Kabayaki(Grilled Unagi Eel)

*This program was first broadcast on Aug. 7, 2015

Our theme this episode is kabayaki grilled unagi eel. We'll introduce you to the traditions of this Japanese favorite, starting with the chef cutting up the eel while it's still alive, then putting the meat on skewers, dipping it in a soy sauce-based sauce, then grilling it until it's perfectly browned and delicious. On this episode, we'll be visiting a long-established unagi eel restaurant, where we'll learn about the impressively complex world of working with unagi eel, and we'll find out what their saying "three years for skewering, eight years for cutting up, and a lifetime for grilling" means. We'll also be taking a look at the secret techniques used to raise the perfect unagi eels for kabayaki.