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ChefNaomichi Yasuda

After building up plenty of experience abroad working at one of New York's longest-established sushi shops, Chef Yasuda began his sushi restaurant in Midtown Manhattan. Despite the worldwide sushi craze bringing with it many new varieties of sushi, Chef Yasuda still specializes in old-fashioned Edo-style sushi, which has brought him acclaim from newspapers, restaurant guides, and more. After making the difficult decision to leave New York to return to Japan, he opened a new sushi shop there that has become so popular that some of his patrons visit Japan solely to eat there. Over his thirty years of working with sushi, through both scientific study and experience, he has found the perfect balance of flavors for his shari, or sushi rice, and hand-selects the choicest seafood from Tokyo's famous Tsukiji fish market for the sushi toppings at his shop.

Dec. 29, Mon. 2014

Authentic Japanese Cooking

Artisan edition : Sushi

Our theme of this episode is sushi. We'll be introducing sushi, that most famous of Japanese foods. We'll invite Chef Yasuda, who has dedicated himself to sushi for thirty years, including running New York's top sushi shop. He'll show us how to make Edo-style sushi with the finest ingredients, sharing the secrets of how to cook the rice, prepare the fish, put the sushi together, and even the best way to eat it. He'll also teach us about nori-wrapped negitoro rolls.