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Jul. 28, Fri. 2017

Authentic Japanese Cooking



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Ingredients (Serves 2 to 3)

400g tender cut of beef
200g pork tenderloin
4 chicken tenderloins
black pepper
white pepper
leaf lettuce
Korean lettuce
1 pack radish sprouts
1/4 carrot

umeboshi (salt-pickled plums)

Sesame-salt sauce:
1 tsp salt
1 tbsp sesame seed
4 tbsp sesame oil

Lemon ponzu sauce:
4 tbsp ponzu sauce2 tbsp fresh lemon juice

Hot curry sauce:
1 tsp curry powder
4 tbsp soy sauce
2 tbsp mirin
Chinese chili oil


  1. 1. Cut a slit along each of the chicken tenderloins, then cut sideways from inside the slit to spread the meat open into an even thickness, then cut each tenderloin into easy-to-eat pieces.
  2. 2. Cut a slit along the pork tenderloin and cut inside to spread open in the same way as the chicken. Pound down any parts that are still thicker than the rest.
  3. 3. Slice the beef against the grain to the thickness of your choosing.
  4. 4. Prepare the vegetables: Cut the leaf lettuce, Korean lettuce, and daikon radish sprouts to your preferred size. Cut the carrot into relatively thin sticks.
  1. 5. Grate the ginger and wasabi. Remove the pit from the umeboshi and mash the flesh into a paste.
  2. 6. Make the dipping sauces: Add the salt and sesame seeds to the sesame oil to make the sesame-salt sauce. Mix the ponzu sauce with the lemon juice to make the lemon ponzu sauce. Mix the soy sauce, mirin, curry powder, and Chinese chili oil together to make the hot curry sauce.
  3. 7. Just before grilling the meat, season it with salt and pepper: use salt and white pepper for the chicken tenderloin and pork tenderloin, and use salt and black pepper for the beef.
  4. 8. Grill the meat on a grill pan, cooking the beef to your preferred doneness, and making sure to cook the chicken and pork through.
  1. 9. Serve the vegetables, meat, and seasonings on one plate, with the dipping sauces on the side.