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Simmered Daikon Radish & Pork Belly

Dec. 2, Mon. 2013


Simmered Daikon Radish & Pork Belly

Daikon to butabara no nimono

  • Vegetables
  • Pork


Ingredients (Serves 4)

1/2 daikon radish
200 g block of fresh pork belly
sake, for simmering the pork
400 ml water
2 tbsp mirin
2 tbsp soy sauce
2 tbsp sugar
powdered chili pepper, to taste


  1. 1. Cut the daikon into 2 cm thick slices and remove the skin. Cut into quarters and then chamfer (thinly trim the edges of the daikon to remove any right angles).
  2. 2. Slice the pork into 1 cm thick pieces. Place in a pressure cooker with just enough sake to cover the pork, add the lid and place over heat. Once pressurization begins, reduce the heat to low and wait 5 mins.
  3. 3. Put the daikon and water in another pan, add the lid and place over heat. Once it begins to boil turn the heat to low.
  4. 4. Once the pressure in the pressure cooker has dropped, discard the sake and place the pork in a strainer.
  1. 5. Add the pork to the pan with the daikon simmering in it, cover with a lid and cook for 20 - 30 mins until the daikon is soft.
  2. 6. Once the daikon is nice and soft, add the mirin, soy sauce and sugar and simmer for about 10 mins allowing the flavor to soak in.
  3. 7. Arrange on a serving dish and sprinkle with chili pepper.