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Aug. 24, Fri. 2018

Authentic Japanese Cooking

Taro and Chicken Fritters with Umeboshi Batter

Our theme this episode is deep frying. Our main ingredient is satoimo (Japanese taro), most commonly associated with simmered dishes in Japan. We'll be making fritters that combine taro with tender chicken and crisp green beans, using a batter made with egg and umeboshi pickled plums to bring them together, with a beautifully autumnal color. We'll teach you the tricks to keep them together with a lovely shape. For our side dish, we'll be preparing eggplant by deep-frying it, then briefly cooking it in a sauce made with dashi. Enjoy the contrast between the dark purple and the pale green, as well as delicious flavor full of the umami richness of dashi. These dishes make a great way to greet the coming of autumn in Japan!