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Mar. 17, Fri. 2017

Authentic Japanese Cooking

Simmered Kinki Fish

In this episode we'll be making simmered kinki fish, considered one of Japan's finest simmered dishes. One distinctive quality of Japan's simmered fish dishes is that they are often simmered in a small amount of simmering broth, rather than simmering for a long time in a lot of broth to heavily flavor the fish — even after the fish simmer, they still retain much of their original flavor, with only the outermost layer of the fish being seasoned by the simmering broth. Chef Saito will be teaching us the secrets of great simmered fish prepared this way. We'll also be making a side dish featuring the popular fish tuna, and natto, which is famously considered an acquired taste. Even if you don't think you like natto, this recipe uses chopped natto in a way you're bound to love, for a dish that goes great with sake.