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ChefTatsuo Saito

A prominent master of Japanese culinary arts, active around the world, he has served as head chef at the Japanese embassies in Paris and Washington and given special instruction in Japanese cuisine at a Swiss hotel school. He takes great care in arranging each and every food item to draw out the distinctive characteristics. He runs a cooking school in Tokyo, works in TV, magazines and on the lecture circuit, and is also a prolific author. In the program, he takes us to the heart of Japanese cuisine through scientific analysis of the culinary techniques used with all the various ingredients and inside instruction on everything from basic to startling professional skills.

HostYu Hayami

Born in Japan and raised in Guam and Hawaii, her bicultural background has enabled her to be active as an international talent. She has had a consistently successful career as a singer and actress since her debut in 1982. Aside from her career and being a mother of two, she is also very involved in various charity work. Yu is a lover of good food as well as a fine wine enthusiast.

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