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  • Hari-Hari Hot Pot


    CommentWe thoroughly enjoyed the Hari Hari hot pot. It pairs incredibly well with warm Hakkaisan sake. The ingredients offered numerous unique combinations of flavors within each bite. Thank you, chefs!

    PhotoEven the way you arranged everything in the photo looks absolutely wonderful!

  • Spring Chirashi Sushi


    CommentThe trick to cook the kasutera-style egg really sped things up! Some substitutions had to be made: ikejime red snapper for Tai, and young shiso leaves and mitsuba sprouts instead of kinome. I also chose to use sweet Nordic shrimp that are in season and spell "spring!" in Eastern Canada.

    PhotoI like how you cut the cucumber, and I love the overall balance with the serving dish!

  • Jumbo Shrimp Tempura


    CommentIt’s home-made vegetable tempura (zucchini & eggplant) with… goat cheese! Goat cheese stays creamy inside and crispy on surface. It needs to be deep fried just for 1 min.

    PhotoLike you said, it’s nice that goat cheese fries quickly. What a great idea!

  • Marinated Swordfish [Nanban-zuke]


    CommentHad to improvise without any good kombu or ready-made dashi stock available. I used mirin and yuzu citrus with some extra fresh chilli peppers to balance the flavours instead. It worked brilliantly, not too sweet or too sour, and tastes better than it looks! Thank you, Chef Saito!

    PhotoI really like your ideas!

  • Ground Meat Cutlet [Menchi Katsu]


    CommentVery tasty and easy-to-follow recipe!!

    PhotoThe idea of putting it on top of rice, and the way you added the sauce, both look good!

  • Teriyaki Chicken


    CommentThis was easy and delicious. I over-thickened the sauce in the end, but it was still tasty, and my daughter preferred it thicker anyway. We just ate the chicken teriyaki with rice. I will make it again for sure. Thank you for this site. I love watching the chefs cook, as it helps me to learn how to cook Japanese food, which is my favorite food, and it is nice to not have to go out to get it. I can enjoy it in my own home. Thank you again.

    PhotoIf you’re planning on serving it on top of rice, cooking the sauce until it thickens like this is perfect. Thank you for watching! I hope you’ll enjoy our future episodes, too.

  • Tonkatsu Fried Pork Tenderloin with Panko


    CommentThank you so much for showing me how to cook. I love food, and I love Japan! Your TV program is great! Thank you again.
    The tonkatsu was easy to make, and came out great! I used black pork from a local farmer, and rapeseed oil to fry it in. The dish came out light and juicy. Aloha, Glenn

    PhotoThe color is great, and it looks nice and crispy! I’d love to try a bite!

  • Fried Rice with Kabayaki Eel


    CommentThis was delicious, and an original way to eat unagi eel. The bottled sauce for unagi kabayaki is pretty easy to find here, so I used that. I tried to give the dish a little autumn look.

    PhotoThat’s a beautiful way to serve it! It makes me think of the maple trees of Canada. The colors are wonderfully balanced with the dish, too!

  • Saito's Family Curry Udon


    CommentReally great recipe — the powdered kombu tea really adds flavour. For a Canadian "hidden taste" touch, I added a tablespoon of maple syrup — packed with umami, it always works really well with Japanese ingredients.

    PhotoWhat a professional-looking way to serve this! Now that you mention it, maple syrup does have a nice depth to its flavor, so it sounds like a great idea — I’m going to have to try it myself!

  • Teriyaki Chicken


    CommentAuthentic chicken teriyaki recipe! Tastes better than in a restaurant.

    PhotoIt’s beautifully shiny, and it has a wonderful color. The white bowl gives it a beautiful contrast, too. It looks so juicy and delicious!

  • Ground Meat Cutlet [Menchi Katsu]


    CommentWhen I first saw the recipe, I knew I had to try it, and it didn't disappoint; it's as delicious as I imagined it would be. The combination of beef and pork is well balanced, the shiitake mushrooms add umami flavor to the dish, and I love the texture of the crusty outer layer and the juicy meat inside. This recipe for menchi katsu has now become a family favorite. I also use the same menchi katsu recipe for my menchi katsu curry. It's so versatile. Check out my menchi katsu bento.

    PhotoWhat a cute bento! I love the way you put it in so that we can see the cut part. Menchi katsu can go with everything, so I’m glad your family really likes the recipe!

  • Ground Meat Cutlet [Menchi Katsu]


    CommentI use Dining with the Chef's menchi katsu recipe for my menchi katsu curry. It has since become one of my family's favorite Japanese dishes. Oishii!

    PhotoIt looks delicious! I’d love to try it. I really like the way you arranged it, to help give the menchi katsu a more impressive feel on the plate.

  • Vinegar-marinated Aji horse mackerel [Nanbanzuke]


    CommentI changed the swordfish with salmon, but I used the recipe and technique for this dish and it tastes just marvelous (served with few peppers as the client I served it to didn't want too many)! Easy, quick and delicious. Thanks!

    PhotoThe presentation of this dish seems as if it was photographed at a grand restaurant! Splendid!

  • Rika's Gyudon(Beef Rice Bowl)

    PhotoGlenn Nishida

    CommentThanks you so much for sharing your recipe. I did not have some ingredients, but I made it work. I used Maui sweet round onions instead of leeks.
    It came out great and tasted just like I remembered it on our trips to Japan.
    Aloha, Glenn

    PhotoIt looks so delicious, The way you cooked an egg is just perfect!

  • Oyako-don~Chicken and Egg Rice Bowl


    CommentMy wife (Japanese American) made this recipe the day after we saw it on NHK World. My wife thinks it was an easy recipe to replicate (though she used instant dashi and she couldn't locate usukuchi shoyu so she she just u sed "regular" shoyu). I'm pleased to say it was oishi'i and look forward to her making it again soon!Thank you, chef Saito!

    PhotoThe egg looks nice and fluffy. This looks great!

  • Three Color Rice Bowl


    CommentDelicious & very easy to make thanks to tips from Chef Saito. Substit uted the Snowpeas for Grilled Baby Courgette.

    PhotoWhat a beautiful balance of colors in how you used the dishes! This looks incredible!

  • Simmered Soybeans and Vegetables [Gomokuni]


    CommentThis was very fun to make and tasted really good. We substituted blanched broccoli for the green beans. Here it is in the cooking pan.

    PhotoThe colors have a great balance, and it looks delicious! I'm so glad you watched the show and tried making it yourself! I like the idea of putting the broccoli in the center in a decorative style, too. I'd love to try your Japanese cooking myself!

  • Shiratama Dumplings with Sweet Bean Paste


    CommentHad a great time making these dumplings they are so fluffy and yummy! my new favorite dessert!

    PhotoThe dimples in the dumplings are cute, and the way you cut the strawberries looks lovely! The way they're arranged is perfect, too — it comes up off the plate, instead of being a single layer.

  • Daikon and Cucumber Salad


    CommentLove this recipe and make it weekly. The only thing I do differently is peel the cucumber.

    PhotoThis is beautiful to the eyes and it looks better than what I make! I am so pleased that the recipe was helpful!