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This program introduces the worldview and attraction of Japanese cuisine that cares about the overall harmony of a variety of ingredients.

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Vinegar-marinated Aji Salad

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Authentic Japanese Cooking

Vinegar-marinated Aji Salad

*This program was first broadcast on Aug. 4, 2014

Our theme of this episode is marinating, and our teacher will be Chef Saito, mentor to a number of famous chefs worldwide. We'll be learning how to prepare fish by tossing it with salt to remove the moisture, then marinating it in vinegar. Vinegar marination is a technique invented long ago in Japan to preserve fresh fish, and has been passed down for generations. It's great for not just preserving fish, but for using the vinegar to give fish a delicious flavor that's unlike sashimi. We'll also be learning a modern spin on the recipe that's rolled up in nori with uniquely Japanese herbs — don't miss it!

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