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This program introduces the worldview and attraction of Japanese cuisine that cares about the overall harmony of a variety of ingredients.

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Artisan edition : Sakura Shrimp

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Authentic Japanese Cooking

Artisan edition in Shizuoka : Sakura Shrimp

*This program was first broadcast on Aug. 14, 2015

Our theme this episode is sakura shrimp. These clear pink shrimp can only be caught in fall and winter, off the coast of Yui, Shizuoka, in the Suruga Bay, making them a rare treat. We'll meet the third-generation chef of a seafood restaurant in Yui that boasts 65 years of history, and he'll show us a number of dishes made using these unique shrimp. In particular, we'll learn about sakura shrimp kaki-age, made with the lightest batter possible to give it a light, crisp crunch, while letting the sakura shrimp's natural sweetness and color shine through.

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