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This program introduces the worldview and attraction of Japanese cuisine that cares about the overall harmony of a variety of ingredients.

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Foil-baked Salmon and Mushrooms

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Authentic Japanese Cooking

Deep-frying :Deep-fried Flounder with Soba Noodles

*This program was first broadcast on Oct. 27, 2014

The theme of this episode is deep-frying. We'll be using top-quality flounder and preparing it ikada-age style, making even the bones delicious. We'll fillet the flounder into five pieces, soak it in salt water, and fry them up to look like little rafts that could float on water.
After frying the flounder to get crispy bones and tender meat, we'll be making green tea soba noodles with chili-seasoned grated daikon and ten-tsuyu sauce for a dish as beautifully reminiscent of pine needles as it is delicious.

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