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This program introduces the worldview and attraction of Japanese cuisine that cares about the overall harmony of a variety of ingredients.

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Chikuzen-ni Simmered Chicken and Root Vegetables

In this episode, we'll be making chikuzen-ni, a local favorite from Rika's hometown of Fukuoka beloved for the delicious texture of its chunky ingredients. Perfect for family gatherings or even just as a side in a bento lunch, this is an easy-to-make simmered dish once you just memorize the proportions of the seasonings. For our side, we'll be making eggs with tuna and green onions mixed in and cooked until golden brown. We'll also learn about miso soup, and how to make Rika's favorite, miso soup with daikon radish and abura-age fried tofu, among the many other possibilities offered by the incredible versatility of miso soup.

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