50 Years of NHK Television

NHK as an international news resource for all of Asia
According to one survey, television provided 78% of Americans with their first information about the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Only 3% learned of it on the Internet. The 9/11 attacks clearly underlined the extremely important responsibility of TV in providing emergency and disaster information. NHK has long maintained an organization that can quickly respond to events unfolding anywhere in the world. The overseas General Bureaus have Hi-Vision cameras and other advanced equipment for this purpose, and since dispatching its first foreign correspondent to Paris in 1952, NHK has worked to expand its international network. As of January 2003, there were General Bureaus and other Bureaus in 32 major cities staffed with 67 NHK personnel.
NHK also maintains stringers in these 32 cities and is strengthening its breaking-news and image-providing capabilities. There are cooperative agreements and memoranda with 62 broadcasters in 46 countries and regions for such purposes as exchanging programs and news, as well as collaborative news gathering. For example, at 5 a.m. on NHK's BS-1 satellite broadcasting channel, NHK receives news feeds from 20 broadcasters in 14 countries and regions, generating multiple perspectives on world events in real time. NHK is planning to exploit this network to provide even more compelling news and programming.

While offering a Japanese angle on world events, NHK is also strengthening its ability to communicate developments in Japan and Asia to the rest of the world. NHK's goal is to be a globally trusted international news resource comparable to the BBC and CNN, so that when the world thinks of Asian news, it will think of NHK.

International Weekly
International Weekly

Major programs featuring overseas coverage
1959-78 Overseas Report
1964-78 NHK Foreign Correspondent's Report
1969-80 International Report
1980-85 International Weekly

NHK's global network
NHK's global network
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