Comments from the Top (NHK President)

Summary of Press Conference (April, 2021)

  • On the start of the new fiscal year

    (Comments by MAEDA Terunobu, President)

    NHK’s budget and business plan for the new fiscal year were approved yesterday (March 31st) by the Diet (parliament), and today (April 1st) is the start of the new fiscal year. FY2021 is the first year of our new three-year corporate plan. Under the key concept of ‘Pursuing NHK's new identity’, all operations will be thoroughly reviewed. NHK will become ‘leaner and stronger’ and focus on producing diverse and high-quality content that only NHK can provide. This plan includes everything that NHK needs to do immediately to finish the reform of operations, receiving fees and governance – the ‘trinity of reforms’, so to speak. We will proceed with speed and a firm resolution to bring about real change at NHK. We have already started a wide range of reforms such as strengthening the Osaka Regional Headquarters’ business continuity plan (BCP), enhancing delivery of regional information, introducing the management of programs by genre, and recruiting the heads of regional stations via a new in-house system. This is the second year of my term as president and it will be a year of implementing the reforms. I would like to fully address the issues laid out in the corporate plan one by one and produce solid results.
    As for programs for the new fiscal year, the evening primetime hours have been set as a program development zone for ‘Pursuing NHK's new identity’. It will take some time to introduce truly new programs, but by giving younger staff more opportunities, and by delivering programs that embody ‘NHK's new identity’, we want all our viewers to get the feeling that ‘NHK has changed’.
    We will complete these reforms and the ‘renewed NHK’ will be leaner and stronger. And, we hope to return the fruits of the reforms in the form of lower receiving fees.

  • On efforts to communicate NHK’s new identity

    (Comments by MAEDA Terunobu)

    We will enhance delivery of information in order to better inform our viewers and the public about our efforts on ‘Pursuing NHK’s new identity’.
    We have reviewed our programming for the ‘PR slots’, which are broadcast for 1 to 2 minutes between news and other programs mainly on General TV. These slots were mainly used to inform viewers about individual programs or the broadcast schedule, but from now on, we will use them to explain what ‘NHK's new identity’ is from various angles.

    (Comments by the project manager)

    From the start of the new fiscal year we will reduce the promotion of individual programs and actively deliver information to help people understand the changes in NHK’s management policy and to let them know about the various services we provide as a public service media organization. The concept is ‘Each and every person’s NHK’. We will provide easy-to-understand information on topics such as ‘NHK’s action agenda to overcome the coronavirus’, ‘campaign on SDGs (the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals)’, ‘CG sign language, subtitled programs and other universal services’ and ‘the receiving fee system’. And in terms of individual programs, we will be actively promoting programs with high public value and social significance, such as education and welfare.
    NHK will aim to deliver services to meet the needs of each and every one of our viewers, not only through broadcasting, but also via the internet and other platforms.

  • On the NHK 2020→2021 catchphrase

    (Comments by MAEDA Terunobu)

    The Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games will be held in about four months. We created a catchphrase to convey the message that we want to deliver through various broadcasts and services this year. That catchphrase is ‘Watashi-tachi wa, Koerareru.’

    (Comments by the project manager)

    2020 was a tough year, when people around the world were impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. But during this difficult time, I believe we have seen many people including medical workers, those in the hospitality industry, and athletes, doing everything they were able to do in the circumstances. This year, I hope that the steps of those people will bear fruit, and hope that the world will move in a better direction; that is the feeling contained in the words of the catchphrase.
    The catchphrase is not only for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, but for the various programs and services we are providing. The catchphrase will be introduced during our coverage of JAPAN SWIM 2021, which starts in a few days (April 3rd). And from today, the catchphrase will be introduced on a dedicated homepage which expresses its spirit, so please take a look.
    The catchphrase will be used alongside impressive scenes of people overcoming difficult situations, which we hope will inspire many people to take a positive attitude when facing challenging situations.