Comments from the Top (NHK President)

Summary of Press Conference on the Corporate Plan for FY2021-2023 (January, 2021)

  • (Comments by MAEDA Terunobu, President)

    The NHK Board of Governors today approved the corporate plan for fiscal 2021 to 2023. This corporate plan is designed to complete the reform of operations, receiving fees and governance - the ‘trinity of reforms’, so to speak – by moving ahead quickly with a range of measures. It lays out our firm resolution to speed up such reforms and bring about real change at NHK.
    The draft of the corporate plan was published in summer last year, and at that time, what I kept in mind more than anything else was for it to be a plan that will have the backing of not only the public, but also of our younger employees who bear responsibility for the future of NHK. We need to move forward with ambitious reforms. Last year, we began managing programs across channels by genre. We are taking a fresh look at all our programs, including the popular ones, and from April this year, we have decided to set the primetime hours for developing programs that pursue NHK’s new identity. We are doing this because we want to give our younger staff more chance to realize their ideas. One of the key factors to the success of managing programs by genre will be an index that NHK has developed. It will give an overall evaluation of programs based on ratings, quality and cost. We will manage programs based on such objective data and work even harder to deliver high-quality programs to our audiences. I hope this corporate plan will serve as a foundation for NHK to be a reliable and indispensable public service media organization.