NHK President


Summary of Press Conference (February, 2019)

  • On the 8KCG program about the world of Japanese dinosaurs

    (Comments by Ryoichi Ueda, President)

    NHK has made the first full 8KCG (computer graphics) program since the start of broadcasting of the BS8K channel. "8K de Kanzen Saigen! Kore ga Kyoryu O-koku Nippon da! (Brought Fully Back to Life in 8K! This is the Dinosaur Kingdom of Japan!)" will be broadcast in March. The program will feature the Mukawa-ryu, that is considered to be the greatest discovery in the history of study on dinosaurs in Japan as its complete fossilized skeleton was uncovered in Mukawa, Hokkaido. It will be brought to life utilizing 8K resolution CG effects, which will be featured alongside the latest research presented in documentary format, in this program on the 'world of Japanese dinosaurs'. The details of the skin and texture of the dinosaurs will be carefully recreated, with the CG-generated dinosaurs appearing against real background scenery in realistic footage that will portray Japan's dinosaurs.
    Regarding 8K, at the world's largest technology show in the United States, there were 12 companies, including overseas manufacturers, exhibiting 8K displays, which made me think that the format may be beginning to gain traction globally.
    And at NHK, we are working toward creating and offering even better content and promoting the spread of the new formats so that our viewers can realize the value of 4K and 8K broadcasts.

  • On the NHK campaign to support young people looking for work

    (Comments by Ryoichi Ueda)

    This year NHK will carry out a campaign to support the job-hunting efforts of young people. The campaign will run from the end of this month until July and the mascot characters will be those that appear on the children's program "Ganko-chan". A dedicated news website for job hunting "Daigakusei to Tsukuru Shukatsu O-en News-zemi" will be launched at the end of this month. The website will provide coverage of news and current affairs that job seekers should know, with university students acting as reporters. The aim will be to deliver useful information for job seekers as they prepare for interviews and try to expand their knowledge of current affairs and the business environment. In addition, a 'Shukatsu O-en NHK (job-hunting support)’ Twitter account will also be launched. It will deliver hints as to what to do when people feel a little lost, things to make them laugh when they are tired of job hunting, and other content appropriate for young people who are looking for work. And on March 2nd, two feature programs will also be broadcast. "Zenmon Real Shukatsu Q (All Real Job Seeking Questions)" in a quiz format based around job-seeking activities, while "Shukatsu O-en TV (Job-Hunting Support TV)" will feature a total of 100 people from among both job-hunters and personnel departments, with the latter answering the frank questions from the former. Aside from these, BS Premium will broadcast a drama related to job-seeking activities.

  • On 50 years of NHK-FM radio

    (Comments by Ryoichi Ueda)

    We are heading toward the 50th anniversary of the start of NHK-FM broadcasting on March 1. This year, as we mark half a century of broadcasting, for the purposes of showing appreciation to the listeners and guests who have supported the station until now, there are a number of activities planned.
    Firstly, from March 1st to 3rd, for three days, "Kyo wa Ichi-nichi 'Arigato FM50' Zanmai (Today is All-day 'Thank You FM-50')" will be broadcast. Each day will feature 10 hours of one of the major programming genres of NHK-FM: classical music, pop and radio drama. On the classical day, programming is scheduled to include audio clips of some of the best presenters and other memorable moments from down the years, the history of the NHK Symphony Orchestra, as well as live performances. On the pop day, the various guests will include music producer Masataka Matsutoya, who had his finger on the pulse of music scenes through the years, and composer Hyadain. They will talk about music, radio and their memories of NHK-FM. On the radio drama day, around 15 episodes selected from dramas from the station's history will be broadcast. A new radio drama, specially written for the occasion, will also be broadcast live.
    This year, various promotional activities for programs will also be carried out.
    Special programming will be broadcast in the summer, with important audio clips from the past also scheduled to be presented as part of a radio archives project.

  • On prospects for the fifth period of the current fiscal year

    (Comments by Ryoichi Ueda)

    In the fifth period of the current fiscal year, the total number of receiving contracts is estimated to have risen by 718,000, which would represent 167.1% of the target of 430,000 for the whole fiscal year. The number of satellite receiving contracts is expected to have risen by 639,000, or 110.2% of the annual growth target of 580,000.
    Moving forward, we plan to carry on explaining in detail to all our viewers about our meaning and mission as a public broadcaster, as well as about the receiving fee system, and continue to work to raise the payment rate.