NHK President


Summary of Press Conference (November, 2018)

  • On the special programs for the launch of the BS4K and BS8K channels

    (Comments by Ryoichi Ueda, President)

    On December 1st, the day the BS4K and BS8K channels launch, special live programs to showcase their appeal will be broadcast on the two new channels and General TV.
    One special program will be shown at 10 a.m., the time that the BS4K and BS8K channels will begin broadcasts, and highlight the things to look out for in the programming, provide basic information and explain how to receive the channels. And in the 7 p.m. slot, a special program will also be broadcast, presented by Yoshihiko Inohara. Featuring the world's first live 4K broadcast from the South Pole, delivering the 'world's greatest scenery', with a dynamic depiction of penguins and other animals.
    In addition, live 8K broadcasting from Italy will present popular tourist attractions from Rome, as well as food, culture and history. And a range of the coming content on BS4K and BS8K will all be presented together.
    Besides that, an event will be held for five days from November 30th at the Shibuya Stream Hall in Tokyo, which will allow visitors to experience the wonders of BS4K and BS8K.
    Please enjoy the raising of the curtain on this new era of television with the launch of NHK's BS4K and BS8K.

  • On the launch of a Chinese-language earthquakes and tsunami push notification service

    (Comments by Ryoichi Ueda)

    NHK, through its international channel NHK WORLD JAPAN, proactively delivers the latest information about Japan, as well as culture and other topics, to audiences overseas. As part of that, NHK also provides information to foreigners living in Japan or visiting the country. Utilizing the "NHK WORLD TV app," an English-language push notification service, providing breaking news in addition to information on earthquakes and tsunami, was started in February this year. And now a Chinese-language disaster push notification service has also been launched. Using the "NHK WORLD TV app," emergency information will be provided in simplified and traditional Chinese characters. The notifications will be sent for information on earthquakes (the Japan Meteorological Agency’s announcements of earthquakes of intensity three and above) and tsunami warnings and tsunami alerts. We are working together with foreign diplomatic services and Chinese-language media to inform Chinese-speaking people of our new service.
    As a public broadcaster, NHK provides information that contributes to the wellbeing and peace of mind of listeners, via television, radio and the internet. And in terms of international broadcasting, in September this year, when the earthquake occurred in Hokkaido and power outages made it difficult to get information via television and smartphones, NHK suspended regular programming on Radio 2 and broadcast the English audio from the international television channel and news programs in various languages from the international radio channels. Going forward, we plan to continue to contribute to the safety and peace of mind of overseas tourists visiting Japan and its foreign residents by delivering such services.

  • On NHK’s Year-End Domestic Charity Campaign and Overseas Charity Drive

    (Comments by Ryoichi Ueda)

    This year, NHK will hold its regular Year-End Domestic Charity Campaign and Overseas Charity Drive from December 1st to 25th.
    The NHK Domestic Charity Campaign raises money for welfare facilities and others in need through the Central Community Chest of Japan. The Overseas Charity Drive, in cooperation with the Japanese Red Cross Society, will send aid to war-torn regions, as well as those suffering from natural disasters and diseases.
    The related program “Anata no Yasashisa wo 2018 (Your Kindness 2018)” will show examples of the objectives that are aimed at and the types of support that are provided through the charity drives both in Japan and overseas. During the campaign, Sakura Ando, the lead actress of the morning serial drama "Manpuku" and Japan's national rugby team captain Michael Leitch, along with people from fields, will be appearing in television slots to help raise money. And on December 21st, in order to raise awareness of donating, a special feature program "Hajikko Kakumei (Grassroots Revolution)" will be broadcast. The program will present ideas for ways of effectively collecting donations while allowing people to enjoy themselves, which are actually put into practice on the streets. We hope everyone will give generously.