NHK President


Summary of Press Conference (July, 2018)

  • On the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

    (Comments by Ryoichi Ueda, President)

    Although the Japan national team lost narrowly to one of the tournament favorites, the powerful Belgium side, the players produced an exciting performance until the last minute. The game was shown by NHK on General TV and the minute-by-minute breakdown of viewing figures showed that peak viewing reached 42.6% at 4.51 a.m. as Belgium scored what would be their winning third goal.
    The NHK Word Cup dedicated website and special app are delivering information of the tournament. As of 10 a.m. on July 5th, the website has more than 5.9 million views, already exceeding the 5,060,000 visits made to the site for the PyeongChang Winter Olympics site.
    As for highlight videos posted to YouTube, the clip of Keisuke Honda's equalizing goal against Senegal has 4,010,000 views, while the Japan vs Belgium game has 3,690,000 views.
    On NHK's Twitter account, the video of Germany's loss against South Korea, making that game the first to decide a team's elimination at the group stage, has 1,150,000 views, while the video of Shinji Kagawa's opening goal against Colombia has 930,000 views; many people enjoyed the videos. During the tournament, Japan’s first game, against Colombia, was broadcast simultaneously on television and internet broadcasting as part of the “Experimental Provision A” trial, with around 600,000 people viewing online. For the game against Belgium, which had a 3 a.m. kick off, the viewing figures were around 350,000.
    Going forward, NHK will show four games, including the final, live on General TV.

  • On it being two years until the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games

    (Comments by Ryoichi Ueda)

    On July 24th, it will be two years until the opening ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, and August 25th will mark two years until the Paralympics, two milestones we are moving toward. A new slogan “Minna de. 2020 Sengen (All Together. 2020 Declaration)” has been created, and a far-reaching campaign across multiple programs will promote the Olympics from the end of July and into August.
    On July 24th, from morning till evening, the condition of the athletes aiming at Tokyo 2020, the preparations of towns across the country which will host events and issues facing organizers will all be covered on news and other programs, as well as special features. From 7:30 p.m. a special variety program presented by Teruyoshi Uchimura "Uchimura Gorin Sengen (Uchimura's Olympic Declaration)" will be broadcast. Performances of the newly selected Olympic sports in the studio will be included in this program to be enjoyed by the whole family. On August 22nd, a drama portraying the efforts of Dr. Yutaka Nakamura at the Tokyo 1964 Paralympic Games will be shown, while on August 25th, a special feature program explaining in an easy to understand way the appeal of the Paralympics will be broadcast.

  • On promotional efforts for the move toward 4K/ 8K broadcasts

    (Comments by Ryoichi Ueda)

    4K/8K trial broadcasts will end on July 23rd and NHK is moving ahead with preparations and promotional activities as we approach the launch of broadcasts on December 1st. A PR event will be held during the summer holidays from August 1st to the 4th at Shinagawa in Tokyo. At the venue, previews will be screened of programs which will be broadcast from December and visitors able to enjoy the ultra-high definition images and multi-channel sound in the '4K/8K Super Hi-Vision Theater', as well as other features that will allow visitors to appreciate various aspects of the world of 4K / 8K.
    In addition, similar promotional events planned at various location around the country are scheduled to be held from September. From September 7th to 9th, events will be held in Osaka, Sapporo, Sendai, Nagoya, Hiroshima, Matsuyama and Fukuoka with a 'caravan' traveling around the nation.
    With regards to the adoption of 4K and 8K broadcasts, as well as demonstrating its appeals, it is also necessary to let people know the correct way of viewing them. In the case of 4K television sets, which are already on the market, the focus will be on important points, such as the fact that a tuner is needed, explained in an easy to understand manner.
    Until broadcasts begin on December 1st, we will cooperate with others in the industry to create as quickly as possible an environment in which 4K / 8K broadcasting can be accessed, by delivering appropriate information.

  • On the NHK theme song for the National High School Baseball Championship (Summer Koshien)

    (Comments by Ryoichi Ueda)

    As we move toward the 100th National High School Baseball Championship (Summer Koshien), we announced at the June press conference that the words and music of the ‘NHK High School Baseball Theme’ would be written by Masaharu Fukuyama. The title has now been decided and it is “Koshien”. The song is set to be used for broadcasts of the championship and sports news, as well as for radio programs and various related programming.

  • On the ABU Asia-Pacific Robot Contest 2018

    (Comments by Ryoichi Ueda)

    In August, the ABU Robocon will be held in Vietnam, run by the ABU (Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union) of which NHK is a member, it is a contest between robots built by students from across the Asia-Pacific. The event began at the suggestion of NHK in 2002 and this year is the 17th edition. It will take place in Ninh Bình, Vietnam on August 26th and feature 19 teams from 18 countries and regions. Footage from the competition is scheduled to be broadcast on General TV on September 17th.