NHK President


Summary of Press Conference (June, 2018)

  • On the half-year mark until the commencement of NHK
    BS4K and NHK BS8K (Super Hi-Vision)

    (Comments by Ryoichi Ueda, President)

    At the half-year mark before the launch of the "New 4K and 8K Satellite Broadcast (Super Hi-Vision)" on December 1st, those involved from the broadcasting and equipment manufacturers sides, along with others, I attended a ceremony last week on June 1st to commemorate the milestone.
    NHK will increase the number of BS (broadcast satellite) channels it operates by two with the introduction of the BS4K and BS8K channels. BS4K is being established as an entry point channel for ultra-high definition video, and on weekdays it will feature a selection of the best programs from our terrestrial and satellite broadcasts. Meanwhile, on weekends, the plan is to include exclusive, large scale programs. Next year's taiga historical drama "Idaten (A tale of the Tokyo 1964 Olympic games)" will also be shown in 4K in a preview broadcast on Sunday mornings. And on BS8K, supreme quality images and sound will be available to enjoy on this flagship channel, which will feature programming that includes stage performances from all five troupes of the Takarazuka Revue, along with recordings of live performances from popular artists and next year's Kohaku Uta Gassen (Red & White Year-end Song Festival), all in 8K.
    Although test broadcasts will end on July 23rd, after that NHK stations around the country will continue to broadcast various 8K content for viewers to enjoy, while we will continue to take proactive measures to move forward with raising awareness and promoting the spread of the format. Promotion of the new channels by information distributed via broadcasts will continue until they come on air. And we will work the A-PAB (The Association for Promotion of Advanced Broadcasting Services) and JEITA (The Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association), as well as with regional electronics stores and other related industries to create an environment as quickly as possible where 4K and 8K can be widely accessed by viewers.

  • On the provisional results for the last fiscal year

    (Comments by Ryoichi Ueda, President)

    There was an estimated increase in total receiving contracts of 231,000, which represents 53.7% of our annual target of 430,000 contracts. The estimate of increase for satellite contracts was 167,000, which represents 28.8 percent of our annual target of 580,000.

  • On the 100th National High School Baseball Championship (Summer Koshien)

    (Comments by Ryoichi Ueda)

    On August 5th, the National High School Baseball Championship will begin at the Koshien Stadium. As this championship will mark the 100th time the tournament has been held, NHK has decided to make a high school baseball theme song. The lyrics and music are being written by Masaharu Fukuyama, who will also perform the song. The song is currently in the middle of being produced and is due to be presented in July. The completed song is set to be used not only for broadcasts of the championship and sports news, but also played on related programming before the tournament. In addition, NHK is appealing to viewers across the nation to submit their memories of the national high school baseball championship to our website. Memories of famous victories and losses, as well as of outstanding players, from viewers' hometowns will be collected and the results are due to be presented in early August on a special feature program broadcast nationwide about high school baseball, and on local news and other programs.