NHK President


Summary of Press Conference (July, 2017)

  • On the torrential rains in north Kyushu

    (Comments by Ryoichi Ueda, President)

    Due to the record torrential rains in the north of Kyushu there are people who cannot be contacted, landslides in various areas and rivers that have broken their banks. Relief and rescue efforts are continuing and we don’t yet know the full extent of the damage. For NHK, our aim is to deliver detailed information on the current damage and forecasts on the rains to come, as well as provide information that those affected require. NHK has been broadcasting news related to the heavy rainfall regularly on television and radio since yesterday. We have also been interrupting national broadcasting in the area to switch to local news programs when the need arises. For the first time, we have also been delivering information in real time about rivers which are in danger of bursting their banks. In addition, we have been broadcasting simultaneously on the internet so that those who have evacuated and don’t have access to a television can receive the latest information. The internet broadcasts have included related news programming from the NHK Fukuoka station when the national broadcasts were not carrying such related news. As time goes on the full extent of the damage is becoming clearer. At NHK, the main broadcasting center in Tokyo has been supporting the regional stations by providing information on essential services and supplies. The people in the affected areas are able to obtain the latest information via television, radio and internet, which we hope will be useful in terms of evacuation and relief efforts.

  • On the dividends from NHK subsidiary companies

    (Comments by Ryoichi Ueda)

    The shareholder meetings of all subsidiary companies have been completed and the dividends are decided. The concept of dividend system was reexamined last year and a large amount of money from dividends was received again following the last fiscal year. The total amount from the dividends of subsidiary companies was 8.41 billion yen, of which NHK received 5.63 billion yen, a record high amount so far. Going forward, in order to maximize benefits to our viewers, the NHK group will enact investment measures, as well as to contribute to NHK’s finances through a proactive policy on dividends so that amount available for dividends will be appropriately controlled in subsidiary companies. Including the one related company of the NHK group, the total amount of dividends came to 8.86 billion yen, of which NHK received 5.85 billion.

  • On the ABU Asia-Pacific Robot Contest Tokyo 2017

    (Comments by Ryoichi Ueda)

    This year will be the 16th edition of the ABU Robocon, to be held on August 27th, the first time in eight years that Tokyo will host the event. The event will be run by the ABU (Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union) of which NHK is a member, and feature 20 teams selected from 19 countries and regions. The focus this year will be on ‘Disc Landing’. The robots will throw polyurethane discs and be judged on speed and accuracy. Footage from the competition will be broadcast live around the world on the internet and is scheduled to be broadcast on General TV on September 18th.

  • Q&A Session

    Q: On the summary of the draft report of the Committee to Examine the Receiving Fee System
    A: (Comments by Ryoichi Ueda)
    NHK’s position as a provider of the best possible broadcasts and services to viewers in the era of the convergence of broadcasting and communication is the major theme. We hope the report of first consultation will be delivered by the end of July. As for the second and third consultations, I hear that opinions are being requested for the draft reports during July. We would like to move forward putting our utmost efforts into measures that will allow viewers to understand NHK’s way of thinking related to this.

    Q: Is simultaneous broadcasting on the internet seen by NHK as a fundamental part of its operations?
    A: (Comments by Ryoichi Ueda)
    For NHK, broadcasting is our core, while delivery via the internet supplements that and helps to make it more effective; that basic way of thinking is unchanged.