Comments from the Top (Executive Director - General of Broadcasting)

Executive director - General of Broadcasting

Summary of Press Conference (February, 2018)

  • On the programming of domestic broadcasting in the next fiscal year

    (Comments by Yukinori Kida, Executive Director of Broadcasting)

    General TV
    As a central pillar of broadcasting, we will deliver news and other programs that stick to the principles of contributing to safety, peace of mind in protecting against and mitigating the damage from disasters, and are fair and accurate, acting as a guide for society. We will also produce a wide range of high-quality programming across a range of genres, including entertainment, culture and sports. While adapting to the changing styles of television viewing, we will ‘Aim to strengthen our programming with channels that appeal to an even wider age range’. In terms of new programing for prime time, on Friday evenings from 7:57 “Chiko-chan ni Shikarareru! (Getting Told Off by Chiko-chan!)” will allow the whole family to enjoy learning trivia. Meanwhile, on Thursday in the 10 p.m. slot, “Sekai wa Hoshii Mono ni Afureteru – Tabi Suru Buyer Gokujo List (The World is Full of Desirable Things – Top Notch List)” will follow an accomplished buyer as they travel around the world and introduce the charms of various places in this new program. As for strengthening weekend programming, on Saturday in the 10 p.m. slot, Teppei Arita and other comedians will present a ‘laughter party’ new variety program “Arita P Omotenasu (Arita P Hosts)”. Expanded programming toward the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic games: the “Sunday Sports” program in the 10 p.m. slot on Sundays will have its name changed to “Sunday Sports 2020” and its length increased by 10 minutes.

    Educational TV
    Continuing on, with the slogan ‘Discover Educational TV’, content will be further improved, with programs for a wide age range who want to learn and know, in line with the concepts of ‘participatory television’ and ‘experience television’. “R no Hosoku (R’s Rule)”, which is broadcast on Mondays to Thursdays from 6.55 p.m., will be extended by 20 minutes with the Monday program. Two new programs will be “Odomo TV (Adult-Kid TV)” in the Saturday 7 a.m. time slot, which will feature ideas from children made into reality by top creators, as well as a music puppet variety show “Kore Nande Sunday (Why is this, Sunday)”, which will air on Sundays in the 7 p.m. time slot. “Sekai no Tetsugakusha ni Jinsei Sodan (Advice About Life From Philosophers of the World)” will feature advice in the form of famous quotations from famous philosophers about dealing with problems in life. Other programs include “Major Second”, the continuation of the “Major” baseball anime, and new programs for learning foreign languages, aimed at a wide age range.

    Programming related to the Olympics and Paralympics will be improved.
    In the Sunday 7p.m. slot, “Ikuze! Paralympics (Going to the Paralympics!)” will report on young people who are aiming to compete at the Paralympic games while in “Takei So no Parasports Shinken Shobu (So Takei’s Parasports – the Real Battle)” TV personality So Takei will go up against parasports athletes in various events. In addition, in the Saturday 5 p.m. slot, the story of the Olympic flame relay for the 1964 Tokyo Games will be explored in “Seika no Kiseki (The Miracle of the Sacred Flame)”. And a new program “The Directhon (director×ideathon)” will allow local people’s ideas to be turned into programs.

    BS Premium
    Programming will be strengthened in line with the concept of a genuine and exhilarating entertainment channel.
    The Saturday evening epic feature program slot “Super Premium” will maintain its large scale and special qualities, adding even more laughter and deep emotional content in its monthly programs. In addition, on Saturdays from 11 p.m. till midnight, a new program “The Challenge” will include topics that have not yet been covered on television, in an experimental way. And every month in the 7 p.m. time slot on a Wednesday, “Furatto ano Machi Tabi-Run 10 Kilo (A Town Chosen at Random – 10km Travel Run)” will feature actor Takeshi Tsuruno connecting with local people while running in a specific region selected for this new program.

    The news and information programs on the NHK network will be expanded.
    On Radio 1, a new program “Nippon Retto Yugata Radio (Evening Radio for the Japanese Archipelago)” will broadcast news and information from around NHK’s regional stations to a nationwide audience. In addition, a new 2-hour news talk show “N Raji (N Radio)” will be broadcast on weekday evenings. Radio 2 will broadcast two new programs, “Toyama Ken no Eikaiwa Rakushu (Ken Toyama’s English Conversation Class)”, an English language course aimed at adults, while “Kiso Eigo 0 (Basic English 0)” will be aimed at elementary school students.
    FM Radio will strengthen its pop music offerings, expanding the “Music Line” program to five days a week.

    4K/8K Super Hi-Vision
    NHK will launch 4K and 8K (Super Hi-Vision) service on BS from December 1st, with the birth of two new channels ‘NHK BS4K’ and ‘NHK BS8K’. BS4K will broadcast for 18 hours a day, with programs of various genres selected from both the terrestrial and satellite channels for each day. On Saturdays, 4K exclusive programs are scheduled to be broadcast. NHK is looking into the world’s first live 4K broadcasts from the South Pole. BS8K will broadcast for more than 12 hours a day. This flagship channel will allow viewers to enjoy the highest quality picture and sound in the world, with live broadcasts from events in the Sunday prime time slot that will deliver the feeling of actually being at the venue, along with programs that give audiences a sense of full immersion, as if they are looking at the real works of art in a museum. Further details of programs and the broadcast schedule will be announced once they have been finalized.
    The programming schedule for the next fiscal year will begin on April 2nd.

  • On programming for new fiscal year on the NHK international channels

    (Comments by Hiroshi Araki, Senior Director, Responsible for NHK WORLD, Assistance of Broadcasting)

    For NHK WORLD, in order to further increase the appeal of Japan’s NHK to the world, from this April, the television, radio and internet platforms will be rebranded as NHK WORLD JAPAN in a new start for our international broadcasts.
    “Biz Stream” will cover the strategies of a range of Japanese companies and the latest information from Japan’s industries. “Japan’s Top Inventions” will feature the hidden stories behind the development of products from Japan that are loved by people around the world, as well as explaining the essence of the concept of ‘monozukuri’ – the production of things. The sports program “J-Arena” will present the attraction of sports such as judo, which were created in Japan, as well as personal profiles of athletes who participate in them. Services in languages other than English will be expanded, while the number of programs available after broadcast on the internet VOD (video on demand) platform is set to be greatly increased.

  • On the presenters for programs in the new fiscal year

    (Comments by Yukinori Kida)

    The new “Shukan Maruwakari News (The Whole Week’s News Explained) program on General TV at 9 a.m. on Saturdays will be anchored by Jiro Inoue. “Sunday Sports 2020” will be presented by Kensuke Okoshi and Mei Soejima. Soejima will also present “Saturday Sports”. The new program “Chiko-chan ni Shikarareru! (Getting Told Off by Chiko-chan!)” will be presented by the CG-generated character Chiko-chan and Takashi Okamura of comedy double act Ninety-nine, alongside Ai Tsukahara as information presenter and Miyuki Morita as narrator. Hanamaru Hakata and Daikichi Hakata, of the double act Hakata Hanamaru-Daikichi, will take over as presenters of the “Asaichi” information program alongside Yurie Omi. Risa Hayashida will join “Buratamori” as a presenter. Yuki Sugiura will join the Thursday late-night program “NET BUZZ”, which covers hot topics from social media, as a presenter.

  • Programs related to the Great East Japan Earthquake

    (Comments by Yukinori Kida)

    March 11th will mark seven years since the Great East Japan Earthquake. The 'now' of the affected areas will be transmitted to the nation, with a large number of programs broadcast to support the recovery. On March 11th on General TV, “Tokushu – Ashita e Tsunageyo (Special - Let's Connect to Tomorrow)” will broadcast live from the new NHK Sendai Station, including footage from the railway lines in the areas recovering from the disaster. The program will also cover the efforts being made by people to revive the affected areas. On the 10th “Tsunami Piano – Sakamoto Ryuichi to Tohoku no 7-nen (Ryuichi Sakamoto and Seven Years in Northeast Japan)” will feature the story of the piano that Sakamoto encountered, which had been damaged by the tsunami. The program will look at the people surrounding the piano and Sakamoto’s activities in the affected areas. On the evening of the 11th, a live program with audience participation “#311246 Taisetsu na Mono wa Nan Desu ka? (#311246 What is Important in Life?) will be broadcast. On the 27th the “21-nin no Wa - Aiba Masaki ga Mitsumeta Kodomo-tachi (A Circle of 21 – The Children Watched Over by Masaki Aiba)” will be broadcast. In addition, other programs will cover the current situation and the recovery in the affected areas, the issues faced and portray how people are moving forward with optimism.

  • NHK Special new series

    (Comments by Yasuhiro Kan, Senior Director, Assistance of Broadcasting)

    Two new major NHK Special series will begin from April.
    “Series Jinrui Tanjo (The Birth of Humankind)” will begin on April 8th. This three-part series examines the ancestors of humans, who lived in the jungles of Africa and over the course of 7 million years evolved into modern humankind and spread across the whole world in a giant migration. The crucial steps in human evolution are presented using ultra-high-definition CG in the style of a drama. The program will be presented by actor Issei Takahashi in his first attempt at such a role.
    April 29th will see the start of “Series Oedo (Edo Era)”. The roots of Tokyo, which is attracting interest both domestically and internationally in the lead up to the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics, lie in Edo (the old name for Tokyo), about which new discoveries and research findings are being uncovered. The secrets of how it grew to a population of more than a million in around a century to become the biggest city in the world and why it became one of the global economic powerhouses, as well as how it repeatedly recovered from major fires, will be depicted and explained using cutting-edge simulations. The program will be presented by Ken Matsudaira, Yoshino Kimura and Junpei Mizobata. Before it is broadcast on General TV, it will be shown as part of the test broadcasts of Super Hi-Vision on March 12th.

  • Super Premium “Fukkatsu - Taiyo no To (Revival – Tower of the Sun)”

    (Comments by Yasuhiro Kan)

    The program will cover the restoration of the Tower of the Sun sculpture, which will remain the same on the outside, but will be rebuilt inside. The restoration is almost complete and is due to be presented to the public in March. On the 19th March, a docu-drama “Yomigaeru Taiyo no To ‘Heisoku suru Nihon-jin’ e no message (Resurrected Tower of the Sun – a message to the ‘Stagnated Japanese’)” will be broadcast. The documentary will examine the project, which faced numerous challenges with work that could only be done by hand. In addition, the day-to-day work of Taro Okamoto in creating the Tower of the Sun will be presented in drama form. On the 21st, “Kanzen Chukei ‘Fukkatsu Taiyo no To’ (Complete Broadcast ‘Revival - Tower of the Sun’)” will feature live broadcasts from inside the Tower of the Sun, which took a year and a half to rebuild, as well as the passion of the people on the spot, footage from the pavilion, and explore the surroundings using virtual reality, with narration.

  • World Sports MLB “Otani Shohei Tokushu (Shohei Otani Special)”

    (Comments by Hiroshi Araki)

    On BS1, “World Sports MLB” will cover Shohei Otani’s challenge to make it in Major League Baseball over this five-part series. An official MLB analyst will analyze and explain in depth Otani’s data from his playing days in Japan. Former Major League players Takashi Saito and Masato Yoshii will analyze Otani’s own statements about baseball and his current situation to evaluate his prospects in the MLB. In addition, Otani’s first game in the Majors will be broadcast live.