Comments from the Top (Executive Director - General of Broadcasting)

Executive director - General of Broadcasting

Summary of Press Conference (November, 2017)

  • On special programs for the Year-end and New Year period

    (Comments by Yukinori Kida, Executive Director of Broadcasting)

    On December 22nd, “Close-Up Gendai Plus Year-end Special” will take a look back at 2017, examining issues from local to global, with its unique perspective on contemporary Japan.
    On December 28th, “Choi Dora (Drama Short)” will feature five short dramas that last just 10 minutes each, with appealing storylines including suspense, musical and a fake documentary.
    On December 30th, “Kitasan Black Nihon Ichi e no Michi – Sabu-chan to Otoko-tachi no Chosen (Kitasan Black – The Road to Japan Number One – The Challenge of Saburo and the Guys)” will be broadcast. The program will take a close-up look at Kitasan Black, the winner of six G1 horse races, which will retire after the Arima Kinen, and its owner Saburo Kitajima.
    Also on the 30th, Tanoshiku Kurasu ‘Dai Kazoku’ Special! (Enjoy Life ‘Big Family’ Special)” will follow a family that moves from Shiga to Fukui due to a transfer at work over the four months from the end of summer to the end of the year in this heart-warming documentary.
    On January 2nd, a special collaboration program between “Buratamori” and “Tsurube no Kazoku ni Kanpai Hatsu-yume Special (Buratamori and Tsurube's Toast to Families – First Dream of the Year)" will feature them separately travel around Japan and shining a light on the towns they visit.

  • Educational TV

    On January 1st, actor Teruyuki Kagawa will again become ‘Teacher Mantis’ to portray the wonders of insects in a “Konchu Sugoize!” special “Kamakiri Sensei – Malaysia e Iku (Teacher Mantis Goes to Malaysia)”. The rainforests of Malaysia will be the first overseas location for the program.
    Also on the 1st, “Sugoizo Nippon! Koten Geino – Saishin-gata (Amazing Japan! Classical Theater – State of the Art)” will be broadcast. A host of performers will visit the studio and demonstrate their art forms in cutting-edge displays that aim to create new methods of expression.
    On January 3rd, the first collaboration between “Bi no Tsubo (The Essence of Beauty)” and "Biju-Tune (Art-Tune)" will be broadcast. The special program will look at the ‘essence of Japanese omotenashi hospitality’ and ‘how to enjoy quirky art’ as new year’s gift program.

  • BS1

    On January 1st, “COOL JAPAN – Hakkutsu! Kakkoi Nippon (Unearthing Cool Japan)” will feature a no-holds-barred discussion among foreigners who live in Japan on videos about the country that are posted on the internet. Hints to attract more inbound tourists via Cool Japan will be unearthed.
    Also on the 1st, “Gekidou no Sekai o Yuku (Traveling to the Tumultuous World)” will look at how the threat of the series of missile launches and nuclear tests by North Korea has been perceived around the world. Newscaster Kensuke Okoshi will report from various locations around the globe.

  • BS Premium

    On December 23rd, Super Premium will search out and taste the best steaks from the four corners of the globe in “Kettei-ban! Saiko no Gyuniku Chojo Kessen (The Ultimate! The Very Best Beef – The Battle for the Top)”. Shigeru Joshima will be the presenter, with Tsutomu Sekine appearing as a guest.
    From January, the third edition of “Great Traverse” will begin. Yoki Tanaka, the professional adventurer who has climbed all of Japan’s 200 famous hundred mountains himself, will aim to climb the remaining 100 of Japan’s 300 famous mountains. The first program will feature him walking along the ridges of the Daisetsuzan Volcanic Group and Hidaka Mountains in Hokkaido.
    On January 3rd, “Eiyu-tachi no Sentaku Shinshun Special (The Choices of Heroes – New Year Special)” will focus on Saigo Takamori, the lead character in next year’s Taiga historical drama “Sego Don”, and Okubo Toshimichi, as well as looking at the individuality and hidden reserves of strength of the people of the Satsuma Domain, from where many heroes sprung forth.

  • Radio

    On Radio 1 on December 25th to 28th and January 4th to 8th, a winter holiday version of a famous summer program will be broadcast for the first time with “Fuyu Yasumi Kodomo Denwa Sodan Shitsu (Winter Holiday Children’s Telephone Discussion Room)”. The program will allow listeners to enjoy the straight and perceptive questions of the children and their interactions with the teachers.
    On December 29th, the period of traffic congestion caused by the mass return to hometowns, “Rajira” will be presented by comedy duo Oriental Radio in a 15-hour ‘radiothon’ challenge. Fellow comedy duo Nagareboshi will report from their journey back to their hometown of Hidatakayama, bringing the situation from various regions to listeners.
    FM Radio on New Year’s Eve will again this year broadcast “Toshikoshi Radio Manjack (Year-End Radio-jack)” for nine hours live. Fantastic guests will see in the New Year with live performances, sketches and song requests for listeners to enjoy.

  • Programs related to the Taiga historical drama “Sego Don”

    (Comments by Yukinori Kida)

    On General TV programs related to the Taiga historical “Sego Don”, which begins on January 7th, will be broadcast immediately before it begins.
    On January 2nd, “Anata ga Shuyaku 50 Voice Sego Don Voice (You Are the Hero - 50 Voices of Sego Don)” will be broadcast. The program visits the Kagoshima locations of the drama and hears from 50 persons such as the cast, original authors, scriptwriters and others, involved in the production. Shota Shunputei and Eiko Koike will be the presenters.
    On January 3rd, “Shoku ga Ijin o Tsukutta! Sego Don no Shogatsu Ryori (The Meal Made a Great Figure! Sego Don’s New Year Cuisine)” will be broadcast. The program will shine a light on one aspect of Saigo via food, exploring the specialty cuisines of the Satsuma Domain and the New Year dishes of the Shimazu Clan. Keiko Matsuzaka, Muga Tsukaji and Tetsuya Takeda will appear on the program.

  • “Arimura Kasumi Canada Dai Shizen no Tabi (Kasumi Arimura’s Journey to the Great Nature of Canada)”

    (Comments by Yasuhiro Kan, Senior Director, Assistance of Broadcasting)

    On General TV on December 16th, “Arimura Kasumi Canada Dai Shizen no Tabi (Kasumi Arimura’s Journey to the Great Nature of Canada)” will be broadcast. Ms. Arimura, who has worked continuously since her debut until the morning serial drama “Hiyokko”, visits Canada, which is celebrating the 150th anniversary of its founding, making unexpected discoveries and having unexpected encounters that make her reevaluate herself.

  • Special programs for adults on Educational TV

    (Comments by Yasuhiro Kan)

    On Educational TV over the New Year period, special editions for adults of programs usually enjoyed by children will be broadcast.
    On January 2nd “Design Ah Otona Special (DESIGN-AH – Adult Special)” will be the first adult version of the program. In the program, topics such as fonts on computers will be covered, examining the techniques of design that link people and objects, as well as people and people, utilizing cutting-edge video images from up and coming creators.
    In addition, on New Year’s Day “PythagoraSwitch – Sozo Ryokou to Shikakui Ana- (PythagoraSwitch – Imagination and a Square Hole)” will allow viewers to enjoy the gap between what they imagine will happen and reality. The phenomenon of things in everyday life that one thinks are ‘definitely like this’ but actually turn out to be ‘this is different so much!’ are presented one after another.

  • “Vienna New Year Concert ni Kanpai! (A Toast to the New Year Vienna Concert)”

    On Educational TV directly before the live broadcast that begins at 7p.m. on January 1st will be a travelogue music documentary “Vienna New Year Concert ni Kanpai! (A Toast to the New Year Vienna Concert)” will be shown to enhance enjoyment of the concert. The traveler will be the presenter of the Educational TV program aimed at music neophytes “Lalala♪Classic” Katsunori Takahashi. He will visit his beloved city of Vienna, where he will delve into the history of the New Year concert and the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, gaining access to the usually restricted backstage areas and the ties between the citizens and music.

  • “Jiken no Namida (Tears of the Incident) Human Crossroads”

    (Comments by Hiroshi Araki, Senior Director, Responsible for NHK WORLD, Assistance of Broadcasting)

    On General TV on December 26th and 27th the “Jiken no Namida (Tears of the Incident) Human Crossroads” series will be broadcast across two days. These ‘human documentary’ programs will comprehensively portray the unknown inside stories behind crimes, focusing on both the victims and the perpetrators, the ‘humans’ involved in the incidents, presented from a new perspective. Famous crimes and accidents that have remained in the public’s memory will be examined, shining a light on those involved, their families and loved ones, the anger and sadness, as well as the unexpected caring they encountered that brought tears to their eyes. The series will look at the August 2007 ‘Underground Website Murder Incident’ which took place in Nagoya City and other crimes. The program will portray the mother and former boyfriend of the murdered woman, and their unending pain and suffering over the 10 years since.

  • BS1 Special “Matsuyama Hideki Sekai no Itadaki e (Hideki Matsuyama’s Road to the Top)”

    (Comments by Hiroshi Araki)

    On December 30th, the BS1 Special “Matsuyama Hideki Sekai no Itadaki e (Hideki Matsuyama’s Road to the Top)” will be broadcast. Professional golfer Hideki Matsuyama won three tournaments last season on the US PGA Tour, the pinnacle of the world of golf. On top of that, in August this year he was close to win at the US Open Championship, the first Japanese player to achieve this feat, and instantly became one of global golf’s elite players. In this program, Shigeki Maruyama, winner of three tournaments on the PGA Tour, reports from America, while an extended interview with Matsuyama is also featured. The secret of his strength, the behind the scenes struggles and the human being behind the player of Hideki Matsuyama will be depicted.