Comments from the Top (Executive Director - General of Broadcasting)

Executive director - General of Broadcasting

Summary of Press Conference (October, 2017)

  • Programming related to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic games “Ani X Para Anata no Hero wa Dare desu ka (Ani X Para Who is Your Hero?)”

    (Comments by Yukinori Kida, Executive Director of Broadcasting)

    NHK has begun work on a project aimed at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics that will create five-minute anime programs “Ani X Para Who is Your Hero?” to be broadcast on BS1. With stories based on the official Paralympic sports, the programs will use anime as a medium to allow viewers to become familiar with parasports and understand their appeal. Two of the programs will be broadcast in November. The story for the program based around football 5-a-side was written by Yoichi Takahashi, the manga artist behind “Captain Tsubasa”. The para athletics anime was written by Eisaku Kubonouchi, the creator of the “Tsurumoku Dokushin Ryo (Tsurumoku Bachelor Dormitory)” manga. The theme tunes will be performed by OKAMOTO’S and Sakura Fujiwara, respectively, two artists popular with young people. In addition to the five-minute versions, there will be one-minute and 30-second versions, which will be shown on BS1, General TV and Educational TV. The programs are due to be accessible via the internet and on a dedicated website. The full program will be broadcast on November 10th, while the broadcasts of the 30-second and one-minute versions will begin from October 25th. The plan is to create multiple programs for this project leading up to the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics.

  • NHK Special “Drama Ryoma Saigo no 30-nichi (Ryoma Sakamoto – The Last 30 Days)”

    (Comments by Yasuhiro Kan, Senior Director, Assistance of Broadcasting)

    The NHK Special “Ryoma Sakamoto – The Last 30 Days” will be broadcast on November 19th. This year marks 150 years since the death of Ryoma Sakamoto. Until now, the portrayals in novels and dramas of Ryoma have commonly climaxed with the Satsuma-Choshu Alliance and/or the Restoration of the Imperial Rule. In recent years, materials have been discovered that suggest Ryoma was attempting his greatest work in the 30 days between the Restoration of the Imperial Rule and his assassination; this entailed a concrete plan for the creation of a new nation without civil war and the establishment of a new era peacefully. A theory has emerged that the plan may in fact have been the trigger for Ryoma’s assassination. Who was behind the decision to have Ryoma assassinated and who allowed it to happen? The unknown story of “Ryoma Sakamoto – The Last 30 Days” will be presented in a thrilling drama based on the daring hypothesis created from the newly uncovered materials. On December 29th, the special drama “Ryoma no Yuigon (Ryoma’s Testament)” is due to be broadcast on BS Premium, based on the recollections of the people involved in the lives of Ryoma and their reflections 16 years after his death on the importance of his final battle.

  • On new anime productions that have been set for fiscal 2018

    (Comments by Yasuhiro Kan)

    Regarding the anime which adults enjoy that are broadcast on General TV, three new productions have been set for broadcast in fiscal 2018. Number one is the first animated version of the manga “Piano no Mori (Piano Forest)”, which won the manga award at the Japan Media Arts Festival, run by the Agency for Cultural Affairs. The story is of a young man who finds a piano abandoned in the forest and plays with it, this happenchance occurrence leading to the uncovering of his talent on the piano. The scene featuring a famous piece of music by Chopin is particularly impressive. Number two “Tsurune” is made by the same hit-making anime production company that created “Hibike! Euphonium (Sound! Euphonium)”. The story portrays high school boys who are dedicated to their practice of kyudo Japanese archery. Lastly will be an anime based on the novel of the same name “Tsukumogami Kashimasu (I’ll lend you a Tsukumogami)” by Megumi Hatakenaka. The story follows a brother and sister who run an old tool rental shop in Edo (old Tokyo), where the tools turn into “Tsukomogami” spirits, and the troubles and incidents they become involved in.

  • "Kyo no Ryori (Today's Cooking)" 60th anniversary in November

    (Comments by Hiroshi Araki, Senior Director, Responsible for NHK WORLD, Assistance of Broadcasting)

    “Today's Cooking” which is broadcast on Educational TV, first hit screens on November 4th, 1957, making it exactly 60 years old. The program has been broadcast more than 14,000 times, has featured around 1,200 guests and introduced more than 40,000 recipes. The special edition to be broadcast on November 4th will look back at the program’s 60-year history, recall some of the history and facts related to program, in a live broadcast. The original studio set of the program will be recreated and surprising episodes from those days will be recounted. In addition, the unchanged style of making the program in one take, with no editing, and the backstage elements that allow such a program to be made, will be presented. Cooking enthusiast Remi Hirano and cooking researcher Yoshiharu Doi will be welcomed as studio guests. Ms. Hirano will recreate her dishes that were voted the most popular in a viewer’s survey, while Mr. Doi will cook dishes that attracted a lot of attention, all in a live broadcast.

  • Super Premium programs related to ancient Egypt

    (Comments by Hiroshi Araki)

    In November, BS Premium will broadcast a series of “Super Premium” programs related to ancient Egypt over two weeks. On November 18th, “Tanken! Tsutankamen Obo (Exploration! The Tomb of Tutankhamun)” will be broadcast. Using the latest scanning technology and a database from the Egyptian government, the tomb is reconstructed via CG. The reconstructed tomb will be explored by actor Ken Yasuda, who will unravel the mysteries of its construction and hidden secret treasures. On the 25th, “Kodai Egypt 3-nin no Jo-ou no Mystery (The Mystery of the Three Queens of Ancient Egypt)” will be broadcast. Ancient Egypt, which can boast 3,000 years of history, had only a few women who became Pharaoh and ruled the nation. In recent years, excavation and research have advanced and made it clear that the status of women in Ancient Egypt was high and that they carried out important political functions. The program will cover three queens, including Cleopatra. Buffeted by the vagaries of fate, why did these women come to rule Egypt and what motivated their actions as queen. Actress Nanako Matsushima and actor Hidetoshi Nishijima visit various places in Egypt and solve the riddles surrounding the queens to portray true pictures of the women.

  • The appointment of presenters/reporters with impairments

    (Comments by Yukinori Kida)

    With NHK focused on the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics, as a trial ‘presenters/reporters with impairments’ were recruited for the first time, beginning at the end of June. Two people have now been appointed, Erina Chiba from Hokkaido and Yuki Goto from Gifu. From now on we hope that they will appear on many different programs, the first of which was the Paralympic special “Heartnet TV” on October 24th at 8 p.m. on Educational TV. In addition, they are scheduled to appear live on the special feature program “1000-nichi mae Tokyo Taikai-he! Special (1,000 Days Until the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic games! Special)” that is due to be broadcast on October 28th (Saturday) at 1.50 p.m. on General TV. NHK is planning that they will appear on the various programs in the future. In addition, a few more such presenters/reporters may be recruited. With this representing the first step for NHK, we would like to try out measures that create more opportunities for people with impairments to play an active role.

    Comments from Ms. Chiba:

    “I love playing sports and the connections I have made with people through it have broadened my world and become an asset in my life. Utilizing those experiences, I would be glad to work as a presenter with a smile on my face. Although I am a little anxious, my overwhelming feeling is one of excitement. I want to express the importance of taking on challenges.”