Comments from the Top (Executive Director - General of Broadcasting)

Executive director - General of Broadcasting

Summary of Press Conference (September, 2017)

  • On the programs for the second half of the 2017 broadcasting year

    (Comments by Yukinori Kida, Executive Director of Broadcasting)

    For the second half of the 2017 broadcasting year, as well as introducing new programs, existing programs which have been well received will be improved further and brought back. A variety of programs will be broadcast for a wide age of viewers to enjoy.

    <General TV>
    From October 2nd, broadcasts will begin of the 97th morning serial drama “Warotenka,” produced by the NHK Osaka station. The setting of the story is the Meiji period to the start of the Showa period in the energetic merchant city of Osaka. Wakana Aoi plays the heroine, a housewife who unexpectedly finds herself running an entertainment hall; the series tells the story of how she becomes the woman who first made a business out of ‘laughter’ in Japan.
    From October 4th, the program “Family History,” which follows the roots of guests, will return. The first episode will be a 75-minute special edition about Toshiyuki Nishida, famous actor in Japan.
    From October 1st, the overseas drama will be “This is Us”. The heartrending drama about men and women dealing with the crossroads of life at age 36 will feature Issei Takahashi trying his hand at the voice-over for a foreign drama for the first time.

    <Educational TV>
    From October 6th, “Ningen-tte Nanda? -Cho AI Nyumon (What is a Human? AI for Beginners)” will broadcast every week on Fridays at 10p.m. The program will analyze the true nature of human capabilities in thought, feeling and creation, presenting the latest research in artificial intelligence. Yutaka Matsuo, a leading researcher in the field of AI and project associate professor at the University of Tokyo, and Yoshimi Tokui from the comedy act Tutorial, along with various guests, will present the mechanisms of AI in an easy to understand fashion. In addition, on Wednesday October 4th from 11p.m. the show “Nehorin-Pahorin,” which presents interviews of people who have special or complicated experience in frank, no-holds-barred discussions using the medium of puppets, will become a regular program. The two hosts Ryota Yamazato and YOU will ask the difficult questions to get the truth from guests.

    <BS Premium> Beginning on October 4th, every Wednesday at 8p.m. “Ijin-tachi no Kenko Shindan (Health Checks of Illustrious Figures)” will return to screens. Illustrious figures from history who were particularly concerned about their health are the source of hints to living a healthy life in this new educational entertainment program. What methods did Oda Nobunaga, the leading daimyo samurai lord of the Warring States Period, eminent author Natsume Soseki and other historical figures, use to maintain their health? And what were the results? Fans of both history and health will enjoy this ‘History health variety’ program. In addition, “The Profiler – Yume to Yabou no Jinsei (The Profiler – a Life of Dreams and Ambition)” will return for its sixth season, with an actor and history buff, Junichi Okada presenting, on October 5th. The program will examine the truth behind illustrious figures who made history and superstars from the world of entertainment.

  • NHK and the commercial broadcasters joint radio campaign

    (Comments by Yukinori Kida)

    NHK and The Japan Commercial Broadcasters Association have been running a joint radio campaign since 2011. The theme this year is ‘Radio Broadcasting on the Internet’ in order to connect with young people who don’t listen to the radio. Beginning with the Radiko radio platform that is operated by various commercial broadcasters, NHK radio will be available for a limited time in certain regions as a test broadcast. This is scheduled to take place from October 2nd to March 30th next year. The broadcast regions will be Tokyo and the six prefectures of the Kanto region, as well as Miyagi, Hiroshima, Ehime and Fukuoka Prefectures. The three stations NHK Radio 1, Radio 2 and FM Radio will be accessible in those regions via the Radiko app and website. In addition, as a part of the campaign, in November, NHK and the commercial broadcasters will jointly produce programs aimed at young people, which are scheduled to be broadcast nationwide.

  • <General TV> NHK Special “Jintai (The Human Body)” from September 30th

    (Comments by Yasuhiro Kan, Senior Director, Assistance of Broadcasting)

    For half a year from September 30th, this major 8-part series “Jintai Shinpi no Kyodai Network (The Mysterious Giant Networks of the Human Body” will be broadcast. The series will be presented by TV personality Tamori and Professor Shinya Yamanaka. This series will look at the human body from the perspective of its networks, featuring the latest trends in medical knowledge and utilizing incredible footage. Tamori was the presenter of the NHK Special series “Kyoi no Sho-uchu Jintai (The Wonder of the Mini Universe of the Human Body)” 28 years ago in the first year of the Heisei period, while Mr. Yamanaka appeared on the “Jintai Micro no Daiboken (The Human Body – the Epic Adventure of Cells)” three years ago. This time, the two presenters will appear together as a team, revealing the wonders of the world of the human body.
    This month on the broadcast on the 30th, the prologue episode will feature footage shot inside the body using the latest in microscopic technology, as well as cutting edge cancer research and rheumatism treatments. The first episode, to be broadcast on October 1st, will highlight the liver, using footage shot using the world’s first 3D microscope, mixed with 4K computer graphics, to portray the wonders of the power of the liver.

  • Educational TV October 9th “Kagawa Teruyuki no Konchu Sugoize! Sanji-kan me – Oniyanma (Teruyuki Kagawa’s Insects Are Incredible! Third Edition – The Jumbo Dragonfly)”

    (Comments by Yasuhiro Kan)

    On the Health and Sports Day, national holiday’s special program “Teruyuki Kagawa’s Insects Are Incredible! Third Edition – The Jumbo Dragonfly” will be broadcast. The first two editions, which provoked a great response from viewers, were shown again in a special broadcast in August. During the broadcast viewers were asked which insects they would like to see covered next. There were more than 100 different requests, and the one that received the most, and which actor, Mr. Kagawa also wanted to cover, was the Jumbo Dragonfly. This time, Mr. Kagawa will once again become ‘Teacher Mantis’ and try to catch Jumbo Dragonflies, which fly very fast and are able to deftly change direction. In addition, a new illustrated reference book on Jumbo Dragonflies will be created for the online NHK for School ‘Monosugoi Zukan’ feature. In the program, the features and structure of the body of the Jumbo Dragonfly used for the illustrated guide will be introduced.

  • <Educational TV> On November 3 rd (Friday, national holiday) “Ojarumaru Special Anime Janai de Ojaru? (Ojarumaru Special Animmation – It isn’t Animmation?)”

    (Comments by Yasuhiro Kan)

    This year is the 25th anniversary of the first broadcast of the animmation “Nintama Rantaro” and the 20th anniversary of the broadcast of animmation “Ojarumaru,” a double anniversary year. Beginning on October 30th, there will be a week-long of special programming of both “Nintama 25 – Ojarumaru 20 Special week”. On the November 3rd Culture Day holiday, a 10-minute live-action special version of the “Ojarumaru” will be broadcast, titled “Ojarumaru Special Anime Janai de Ojaru? (Ojarumaru Special Animmation – It isn’t Animation?)” The drama will be reminiscent of the “Ojarumaru 17” program broadcast last year that portrayed the riddle of the mysterious young man in contemporary Tokyo. Yutaro, who is a model and works at a second-hand clothes store, plays the lead role in an androgynous and mysterious performance.

  • <General TV> On October 7th (Saturday) Special Feature “Gyaku-ten Jinsei (Life Transformation)”

    (Comments by Hiroshi Araki, Senior Director, Responsible for NHK WORLD, Assistance of Broadcasting)

    This new program “Gyaku-ten Jinsei (Life Transformation)” will present moving, dramatic, real-life stories of people who transformed their lives. This collaboration between documentary and drama producers sees them create surprising, true story programs based on in-depth reporting on the subject and people around them that will surpass previous docudramas in terms of realism. The first episode tells the dramatic story of an unlucky salaryman who suddenly found himself saddled with 4 billion yen in debt. Upon the sudden death of his father, who ran a chain of izakaya Japanese pub-restaurants, he became the heir to a company on the verge of bankruptcy facing huge liabilities. With the cooperation of his family and staff he reformed the management of the company and cleared the debt in 16 years. The transformational story tells the tale of his efforts to pay off all the liabilities in this realistic drama that includes interviews with the people involved.

  • NHK WORLD TV’s first original drama “Home Sweet Tokyo” on November 19th (Sunday)

    (Comments by Hiroshi Araki)

    Brian, a 37-year-old Briton, moves from London to Tokyo so that his Japanese wife can live with her father. With his wife busy at work, he takes on all the cooking and child rearing duties for the sake of the family. This comedy drama is based on the culture shock he experiences throughout his daily life. The drama was written by Tokyo-based British comedian and writer, who also plays the lead role. Yoshino Kimura, who was born in Britain, plays the role of the wife. With the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics coming in three years and people around the world becoming more aware of Japan, NHK WORLD’s first original drama, set in Tokyo, will be broadcast around the world.