Comments from the Top (Executive Director - General of Broadcasting)

Executive director - General of Broadcasting

Summary of Press Conference (June, 2017)

  • On special programs for the summer

    (Comments by Yukinori Kida, Executive Director of Broadcasting)

    <General TV> On July 17th, the Marine Day national holiday, actor Hidetoshi Nishijima and Takeshi Kitano will report on the changes happening to the oceans in "Kaiyo Adventure Tarago no Daiboken 2 (Ocean Adventure – The Expedition of the Tara 2)". On August 1st, “Bikkuri! Kando! Cho-jiyu-kenkyu (Surprise! Deeply Moving! Extreme Free Research)” will show the interesting and unexpected ideas of elementary school children’s free summer vacation research projects. On August 18th “Kokozure 2 Koko ga Zureteru Kenjosha (Off Point 2 – Able-bodied People, You Don’t Get it)” will feature 100 people with disabilities in a lively, frank debate about how able-bodied people misunderstand them.

    <Educational TV> On July 16th, “Natsu Yasumi Biju Chun! (Summer Vacation ART TUNES!) Tour in Kansai)” will be broadcast. Then, beginning on July 31st, “Rakugo Deeper! Deepest! – Higashide – Ichinosuke no Hanashi no Hanashi (The Story of the Story (Hanashi) of Higashide and Ichinosuke) will look at the rapidly increasing number of young fans of Rakugo traditional Japanese storytelling, over four programs.

    <BS1> On July 15th, BS1 Special “Micchaku! Indy 500 – Sato Takuma – Yusho e no Kiseki – Kanzen-ban (Close-up! Indy 500 – Takuma Sato –The Path to Victory – Full Version)” will take a close-up look at Takuma Sato, the first Japanese racing driver to win the Indy 500 race.

    <BS Premium> On July 22nd, “Taikan! Great Nature Chase! Ushinawareta Nazo no Tairiku Zealandia “Physical Experience! Great Nature Chase! The Riddle of the Lost Continent of Zealandia” will be broadcast.

    <Radio 1> On August 8th, “Sandwich Man no Tenshi no Tsukuri Warai Kumamoto Kara Natsu o Moriagemasu-mon! (Sandwich Man: The Forced Laugh of the Angel – Summer Comedy Special From Kumamoto!) will broadcast live from Kumamoto, where the Sandwich Man comedy double act, who have been working hard to support the survivors of the Kumamoto earthquakes, will deliver lively performances.

    <FM Radio> On August 18th, comedy writer and author Naoki Matayoshi will present “Yashiro to Matayoshi Hitori no Yoru ni (A Night Alone With Yashiro and Matayoshi), aimed at supporting the ‘around 30’ generation.

  • On programs concerned with war and peace

    (Comments by Yukinori Kida)

    August 9th <General TV> NHK Special “Okinawa to Kaku (Okinawa and the Nuclear Bomb)” The year before last, the United States Department of Defense officially admitted for the first time that it had secretly deployed nuclear weapons in Okinawa. Following this, a series of highly confidential documents were released and former military personnel spoke about this for the first time. What came to light for the first time was that Okinawa actually served as nuclear weapon base of US military and that the deployment of nuclear weapons by the US military on Okinawa was one of the reasons for US bases to be concentrated on the island. The program will shine a light on the unknown history of nuclear weapons on Okinawa.

    August 15th <General TV> NHK Special “Zen-Kiroku Imphal Sakusen (The Battle of Imphal – a Comprehensive Account)” The Imperial Japanese Army in northeast India aimed to capture Imphal in the ‘Battle of Imphal’. Because the borderlands between India and Myanmar were almost untouched and unexplored after the war, the real state of the region could not be known until recently. The research in the area for the program, along with newly discovered documents and audio recordings made by the general of the Japanese forces, bring to light the full picture of the Battle of Imphal.

    August 6th <General TV> “Genbaku no E wa Kataru – Hiroshima Hibaku Chokugo no Mikka-kan (Stories told by A-bomb Drawings by Survivors – Hiroshima: The First Three Days after the Blast)” (Comments by Yukinori Kida) The survivors of the Hiroshima atomic bombing created artworks of A-bomb in order to pass on their experiences to the next generation. Each individual drawing provides a valuable testament to what the survivors witnessed, from the colors to the sounds to the smell, what the atom bomb survivors felt at the time is expressed in these drawings. The drawings have been filmed with an ultra-high-definition 8K Super Hi-vision camera and will be presented in chronological order to reconstruct the first three days after the atomic bombing.

  • July 16th <General TV> NHK Special Series Deep Ocean

    (Comments by Hiroshi Araki, Senior Director, Responsible for NHK WORLD, Assistance of Broadcasting)

    The first deep sea exploration of the Antarctic Ocean by a manned submarine. With giant sponges that grow to more than a meter and giant jellyfish that are more than 10 meters long, the bodies of living creatures grow bigger than they do in seas elsewhere. Why does this localized phenomenon of growth to giant sizes occur? There is a secret in the -2℃ seas of Antarctic Ocean.

  • July 22nd <General TV> NHK Special Series “Mirai Kaiseki AI Prologue Sono Saki no Nippon (Future Analysis - AI Prologue – The Coming Japan)”

    (Comments by Hiroshi Araki)

    This new series will examine the ways that AI (artificial intelligence), the one which NHK is taking a leading role in developing, can provide ideas for solutions to the various problems that are faced by Japan. Using 5000 different series of Big Data from a variety of societal factors, including information from demographic changes, elderly care and medical treatment, AI is used to analyze the complex, indirect relationships between them. The results of this have begun to establish the interesting fact that the ‘Fortysomething Living Alone’ demographic are one of the keys to changing Japan.

  • July 9th <BS1> BS1 Special “Last Drive”

    (Comments by Yasuhiro Kan, Senior Director, Assistance of Broadcasting)

    In Germany, there is a so-called ‘Car of Wishes,’ which allows people coming toward the end of their life to make a final trip before they die as their final wish. The “Last Drive” takes patients and their families, along with medically-trained staff and volunteers who create plans for the trip, on journeys such as ‘visiting the seaside I went to with my late husband again’ or ‘a final date with my sweetheart,’ as a last request before their death. This documentary illustrates the “Last Drive” from three perspectives: ‘the passenger’, ‘their beloved family and friends’ and ‘the staff who support the trips’.

  • July 8th <BS Premium> Sherlock Holmes 130th anniversary special

    (Comments by Yasuhiro Kan)

    An evening of programs to celebrate the 130th anniversary of the publication of the first Sherlock Holmes book will be broadcast. On July 8th, beginning at 7p.m., a three-hour live program “Konya wa Sherlock Night (Tonight is Sherlock Night),” which will feature a mystery drama, including viewer participation to solve the mystery, as well as a talk variety program that will decipher the exploits of Holmes and Dr. Watson. Then, from 10p.m., the first broadcast in Japan of season 4 of the BBC Drama “Sherlock” will begin.

  • July 15th <BS Premium>“Dai-shizen Gourmet – Kazoku de Survival na Tabi (Mother Nature Gourmet – A Survival Journey With the Family)”

    (Comments by Yasuhiro Kan)

    Taking as little food and supplies as possible and procuring them as he goes, Bunsho Hattori, an author known for his survival mountaineering, will take his family on a trip in mother nature, where he will live off the land. His destination will be the source of the Haidegawa River in Niigata prefecture, said to be one of the few largely unexplored regions in Japan. Picking mountain vegetables and wild grasses in the river valley where few people tread, as well as enjoying fishing for char in the mountain streams, he will taste the life of a ‘Mother Nature Gourmet’ as he journeys.