BS World Documentary
'Michelin Stars – The Tales from the Kitchen'

Broadcasting Dates
BS1 0:00 - March 27th (Tue) 28th (Wed)
Co-production: Globus Film / DR / ZDF/ARTE / NHK

Michelin Stars

Get behind the scenes of the mythical Michelin Guide of fine dining and take an in-depth look at the secret Michelin-inspectors' work to understand the criteria for obtaining one, two or three stars in the notorious red guidebook.

The value of the guide as a marketing tool for the esteemed tire manufacturer Michelin is not to be underestimated.

Through interviews with international director Michael Ellis we get the Michelin guide’s official views on the world of gastronomy.

On the other side we meet chefs, food writers and critics who find the guide "lazy" – "over-the-hill" – "secretive" and some who on the other hand, find it "a must".

Whatever the critique, Michelin still holds a withered widow’s grip on the aspirations of cooks.

Few will criticize the guide publicly. Privately, there are many who despair of its limited scope, its snobbery, and its fatty favourites.

As we go further into the kitchens of excellent restaurants and offer exclusive and aesthetic views on gastronomy from some of the best chefs in France, Spain, US, Japan and Denmark etc., we will try and work out what it takes to obtain the famous stars.