Since 1980, NHK has undertaken co-production projects with broadcasters, production companies and distributors from all parts of the world. With nearly 1,000 programs in its co-production catalogue, NHK continues to open up a new horizon in the field of international co-productions.

In an effort to create large scale programs with leading-edge technology and innovative style, NHK is constantly seeking partners on NHK originated projects.
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NHK is also seeking partnerships with broadcasters and production companies with ambitious ideas for co-production. Read here for more information on possible slots for international co-production.

Following is a brief history of NHK's international co-production


NHK airs its first internationally co-produced documentary with CCTV.
- The Silk Road (1980)

NHK launches co-production series with public broadcasters from U.S., Canada, Australia, France, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands, and Korea.
- The Miracle Planet (1987)

Following programmes are also co-produced internationally.
- The World After Nuclear War (1984)
- The Yellow River (1986)
- The Arctic (1989)


NHK launches co-production programmes in HD.
- Visions of Light (1992), The Last Bullet (1995)

NHK initiates co-production projects in science and history genre.
- Planet of Ocean (1998)
- Asia: Outer Space of the Heart (1998)

NHK produces history documentary with ABC.
- The 20th Century on Film (1995)

NHK initiates co-production of films with up-and-coming visual creators in Asia. "Asia Film Festival" (1995-)

2000 - 2009

NHK develops large-scale documentary series with new partners.
- Why Democracy? (2007-)
- ABU Children's Drama Series (2004-)

NHK launches co-production projects with renowned film directors from around the world.
- Russian Ark (2002) Director: Alexander Sokurov
- Bob Dylan - No Direction Home - (2005) Director: Martin Scorsese

NHK undertakes co-production of "docu-drama".
- Homo Sapience (2007)
- Skeletons in the Closet (2008)

NHK, MediaCorp, and KBS launch "The Asian Pitch" in an effort to discover independent directors in Asia.

NHK co-produces its large scale science, nature, and history series with international partners.
- Miracle Planet II (2004)
- Equator (2005)
- Secret Civilizations - Ancient Inca and Maya (2007)

2010 -

NHK achieves a series of world's firsts with its co-producers including the images of living giant squid at the ocean depth and HD images from the ISS.
- The Cosmic Shore (2011)
- Legends of The Deep (2013)

NHK shares the stories of Japan with international audience with the help of its co-producers.
- Meltdown – Fukushima Disaster (2011)
- Beneath The Mushroom Cloud (2015)
- Origins of Land – Nishinoshima (2015)

NHK continues its effort to encourage Asian directors to produce documentary films that sketch their realities.
- A Tale of Three Asian Cities (2014)
- The Return to Homs (2014)
- Waiting for Justice (2015)

NHK co-produces programs about Tokyo and Japan with international partners to prepare for 2020 Olympics.
- On the Cities' Rooftops (2016)