Report on the APAC Trusted Media Summit 2023

Published: May 1, 2024

The APAC Trusted Media Summit 2023 took place in Singapore in December 2023, hosted by the Google News Initiative and its partners. Around 680 people from 32 countries/regions in the Asia-Pacific region participated and shared the issues and insights regarding mis- and disinformation. With the year 2024 marked as the “year of election” in which leaders will be chosen in various areas of the world, the attendees developed an increased sense of crises and vigilance against false information known as “deepfakes,” through the actual use of audios and videos produced by generative AI. The participants also reaffirmed their convictions that fact-checking will foster healthy elections—a foundation of democracy. It was also underlined that an effective method to achieve this is collaborations with other organizations. Meanwhile, as fact-checking groups are struggling with severe financial conditions, how to sustain their organizations was discussed as a shared concern. Furthermore, activities to promote media literacy for the youth attracted the attention of participants.

The NHK Monthly Report on Broadcast Research

Takatoshi SHIOZAKI

in Japanese