Exploring the Significance of Diversity within the Japanese Media

How It Impacts Gender Issues

Published: May 1, 2024

This paper explores gender issues within Japanese media organizations and what can be done to address them, based on a panel discussion of journalists and experts in October 2023. The discussion, “Exploring the Significance of Diversity within the Japanese Media—How It Impacts Gender Issues,” was held as a part of the “BUNKEN FORUM 2023 Autumn.” The panel looked at whether Japanese media are responding to the changing expectations of the public who are increasingly more aware of the importance of diversity and gender equality.

The NHK Broadcasting Culture Research Institute has conducted annual on-screen gender representation surveys of Japanese television programs since 2021. Chapter I outlines some of the latest findings from the survey first published in “The NHK Monthly Report on Broadcast Research” (October 2023), along with discussions by the panel on how the on-screen gender imbalance relates to off-screen gender imbalance.

Chapter II presents the report by a panelist, Keigo Kawasaki (former trade union leader of a national newspaper, The Mainichi Shimbun) who highlighted the existing gender gaps in the workplace through the results of a survey of the trade union members.

Chapter III summarizes the observations of Michiko Tadamatsu, an expert on corporate governance and diversity management, in regard to why diversity is imperative in organizations, especially the media.

Chapter IV presents some examples of how diversity in the newsrooms has the potential to reshape their reporting and, in turn, bring new awareness and changes to society.

The NHK Monthly Report on Broadcast Research


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