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October 2017

How Young Children Are Watching TV and DVDs

From the June 2017 Rating Survey on Young Children's TV Viewing

Akiko Hoshi / Yoko Watanabe

Based on the results of the "Rating Survey on Young Children's TV Viewing" held in June 2017, the authors report the current status of young children’s real-time TV viewing and viewing of recorded programs and DVDs. The survey was conducted over a week, from June 5 (Monday) to June 11 (Sunday), covering 1,000 young children aged two through six living within 30km radius of Tokyo.

These young children’s TV viewing time per day was 1 hour and 41 minutes (weekly average). The figure had been hovering at a little over 2 hours since 2007, but it did not reach 2 hours in 2012 for the first time, and kept gradually declining. This year, however, the figure stayed at almost the same level as the previous year. Young children’s time spent on watching recorded programs/DVDs was 55 minutes per day (weekly average). The figure continued increasing from 2011 to 2013, and since then it has been at the same level; there is no change in the situation that the gap between TV viewing time and recorded program/DVD viewing time are narrowing.

The most watched programs during the survey week were NHK ETV programs for young children such as "With Mother" and "Kid's Discovery" and commercial broadcasters’ animation serials such as "Doraemon" and "Sazae-san."

The results of the survey’s supplementary questions tell a steady growth in the percentage of children using mobile terminals such as "mobile/smart phone" and "tablet." While their use of DVDs remained at the same level, children who watch online videos keep increasing.

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