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November 2011

How Will Television Change in the Second Half of FY 2011?

Interviews to Programmers of Tokyo-based Commercial Broadcasters and Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK)

Keiko Murakami

In the first program-rescheduling since the digital switchover, we saw several titles focusing on the “resurgence of television” such as Nippon Television Network’s Terebi domannaka [in the dead center of TV]* or TV Asahi’s Minna atsumaru terebi [the TV square for everyone]*. Meanwhile, twelve new BS channels started their service in October and a multi-channel TV environment is increasingly becoming a part of our lives. In this new environment, further “channel differentiation” has become indispensable. Hence, the following new slogans reflecting the industry’s sober assessment of the newly emerging landscape. “Personality is the name of the game in the new TV era!”* (Fuji Television) or “This is 7Channel” (TV Tokyo).

Based on interviews with programmers, we will report on how each broadcaster is looking to organize programs, keeping a balance between “mass-appeal” type of shows that everyone can enjoy and “cognoscenti” type of shows that grabs the heart of core fans.

*Tentative transtaltions

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