The NHK Broadcasting Culture Research Institute was founded in 1946 as the first facility for comprehensive research to be operated by a broadcasting station. Through research in various fields addressing the times and the issues of society, it strives to deepen and enrich the quality of broadcasting culture.


Summaries and reports of the Institute's research and surveys in English.

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A New Trend in J.League’s Media Strategy

The Renewal of the Royal Charter and the New Regulatory System

An Experimental Internet Survey Based on Random Sampling from the Basic Resident Registers

[Part IV] Yasuko Harada (Former Timekeeper) “Recorder” of TV Dramas Calmly Fighting with Time

Broadcasting and Music Copyright Entering a New Age

The World Bosai Forum/International Disaster Risk Conference Held in Sendai


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Survey and research publications produced by the Institute.

The NHK Monthly Report on Broadcast Research

The NHK Yearbook 2017

(ceased publication)

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