The NHK Broadcasting Culture Research Institute was founded in 1946 as the first facility for comprehensive research to be operated by a broadcasting station. Through research in various fields addressing the times and the issues of society, it strives to deepen and enrich the quality of broadcasting culture.


Summaries and reports of the Institute's research and surveys in English.

Last Month’s Reports

How Domei News Agency’s Original Scripts Were Rewritten (vol.1)

From the 2016 Nationwide Survey on Changes in the Japanese Language (Part II) [Considerate Expressions]

From the 2016 Survey on Teachers’ Media Usage and Attitudes in Schools for Special Needs Education (Elementary Department) and Special Classes (Elementary Schools)


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Survey and research publications produced by the Institute.

The NHK Monthly Report on Broadcast Research

(ceased publication)

The Annual Bulletin of NHK Broadcasting Culture Research Institute

The NHK Yearbook 2016

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About the history and organization of the NHK Broadcasting Culture Research Institute.


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