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Eligibility and Requirements

Filmmakers must be of Asian origin and come from South Asia, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan and other Asian countries. One entrant can submit no more than 5 proposals per person/production house.

Each proposal should be a one-off documentary.

Duration of each story must be 52 mins.

Filmmakers must submit a trailer to accompany each submission. The trailer should be kept to no more than 3 mins, and it may be the trailer of the proposed project or an example of the filmmaker’s previous works.
The trailer should be in the form of a link with/without password.

Archive footage should be kept to no more than 7 mins.

Applications which are marked "private", "confidential" and/or are submitted on condition of confidence will not be accepted.

All submissions will not be returned.

Submissions must be in English.

There is a 3-year window for TAP winners to submit again. For example, if you won in 2016, you can only submit after 2019.

A project budget sheet ( project finance sheet ) and production schedule are required for each submission.

The Pitch

The Asian Pitch will be held in Seoul in July 2019.

If you are selected, you must present the proposal personally to the panel. A proxy may be allowed subject to the panel’s approval.

The panel will consist of 1 producer each from NHK, KBS, and PTS.

The Panel's decision is final.

The Asian Pitch will cover the airfare and accommodation for one presenter for each shortlisted project. The presenter must be a director or producer who is directly involved in the development and/or production. The maximum amount available for the airfare depends on the region in which the presenter is based.

Criteria for Selection

The panel will carefully select the proposals based on the questions below.

Does the proposal have an original story line of a topic or an unusual treatment of a common story?

Is it a story suitable for family viewing?

Is it a story that you believe the Asian and international communities want to know about?

Will the story interest and excite Asian public broadcasters?

Is it a story that comes with a reasonable budget that matches the expected production value of the documentary?

Editorial Control/Assignment of Executive

If you win the pitch, an executive producer will be assigned to work with you.


The broadcasters shall own all rights including copyright in and to the programs and any results and proceeds of your services in connection with the programs throughout the world in perpetuity. You can be allowed to share the rights subject to your securing additional funding and the broadcasters' approval. You will receive a share of the distribution revenue of your documentary.

Thank you for your entry!
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