Terms of Use

<What you can do>

Copy, distribute, and publish*1 the creative materials

You can edit and deform the creative materials and combine them with other materials (your own video clips, photos, sound, etc.) to produce your videos. You can also copy, distribute and publish*1 your work.

(*1) Publication includes showing of the video at public venues and on the Internet (on your own website and/or blog and/or on video-sharing websites).

<What you need to comply with>

The Terms of Use that you, as a user of the NHK Creative Library service, are required to comply with are as follows:

Do not use the creative materials for profit.

You should neither sell nor use the creative materials to promote any product, service, business, or other entity.

Display the copyright holder's name.

In order to indicate that the creative materials are from the NHK Creative Library and/or that your video production is made of the creative materials from the NHK Creative Library, you need to show the name(s)*2 of the copyright holder(s) of the creative materials. Be sure to show the credit title of the copyright holder(s) in an easy-to-recognize manner either by including it in the production or by displaying it in close proximity to the work*3

(*2)NHK is basically the copyright holder of the creative materials in the Library, and the user is expected to use "NHK" or "NHK Creative Library" to show the copyright holder. For certain creative materials that are collaborative works by NHK and other author(s), follow the instructions specific to such materials.

(*3)When you download the creative materials, they will always carry the logo "NHK Creative Library" in the upper left corner. You do not need to add the credit title if your production retains the logo and if the applicable copyright holder is NHK. If the logo either disappears or becomes hardly legible as a result of editing or for other reasons, be sure to indicate the name(s) of the applicable copyright holder(s) either in the production (e.g., at the end of the video) or along with the work (e.g., next to or below the frame of the video on the Internet website).
For the specifics of how to display credit titles, click here.

Do not use the creative materials for defamation or character assassination.

You should never use the creative materials in a manner that would defame and damage the reputation of the authors of such materials (NHK and other authors) or in a manner that would defame and damage the reputation of any other individual or group.

Do not infringe any copyright.

Other than for personal use at home, you are not allowed to make unlicensed use of any work by other people (i.e., movies, TV and radio programs, motion pictures, music, books, fine arts, photographs, and other work subject to copyright) for your production.

Do not use the creative materials for any illegal act.

You should never use the creative materials for expressions or acts not allowed under the applicable laws, and you should never combine the materials with any video containing such illegal expressions or actions.

The Terms of Use are applicable to others.

If you let other people use the creative materials and/or a video production containing the creative materials, you need to either include in the video or show along with the video work the URL (www.nhk.or.jp/creative/rule.html) of the website where the Terms of Use for NHK Creative Library are shown. You are also responsible for making sure that those people comply with the Terms of Use, and you are not allowed to impose conditions on other people except in line with the Terms of Use.

Permission to use the service will be revoked if you violate the Terms of Use.

If a user breaks the rules for using the service, permission given to the user for the service will be automatically revoked. If such a user continues to use the service, his/her use of the creative materials will be considered unauthorized. If video work that is not compliant with the Terms of Use is published on the Internet, NHK may demand the user or an administrator of the website where such video work is shown either remove the video or take other appropriate actions.

The Terms of Use may change.

NHK may change the Terms of Use as it deems necessary and will notify the users of any change on the website. The new Terms of Use will apply retroactively to all creative materials provided before the change. All users are expected to comply with the current Terms of Use.


Even if the user fully complies with the Terms of Use, NHK will disclaim responsibility in the event of a dispute regardless of the reasons for such dispute (including any complaint from a third party). The user is held fully responsible for settling the matter in such an event.

<Terms for posting video production>

Users wishing to post their video works, albums, nicknames, titles, description(s) of their production, comments on other users' videos, keywords, etc. (hereinafter referred to as "video production and others") to the NHK Creative Library website (hereinafter referred to as "this website") are to comply with the following terms:

1. When posting the video production:

Users are asked not to post video work if it distinctively has (or potentially has) any of the following attributes. Even if such a video is posted on the website, NHK will not display it.
 Advertises or promotes a product, service, individual person, or business.
 Defames, or damages the reputation of, an author of the creative materials (i.e., NHK and other authors).
 Violates (or potentially violates) any individual's privacy.
 Is obscene, cruel, defamatory, harassing, or offensive to public order and morals.
 Could interfere with NHK's operation.

2.Treatment of posted video production:

(1) NHK may not display or may cease to display video productions as it deems inappropriate. NHK may also modify parts of video productions at its discretion.

(2) NHK has the right to use an entire video production or part thereof for every medium under its control (including NHK programming) without payment. NHK also has the right to allow third parties to use video productions.

(3) The display of any video production once it is posted and displayed on this website cannot be cancelled unless NHK cancels it at its discretion.

(4) All video productions that are created on, posted to, and published on this website are accessible to other users who may freely re-edit them and post the modified works to this website. (This function is not active yet. When it is activated, we will make an announcement on this website.)

3. Other points

(1) NHK may, with advance notice, change the designs, contents, etc., of this website, change the Terms of Use, and/or suspend or terminate this website service.

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