Use of Downloaded Materials

Downloading the materials

I cannot view the video I downloaded; or I cannot listen to the downloaded music and/or sound effects that I downloaded.
The format of the file that you downloaded is MPEG4 (.mp4) for video and MPEG4 (.m4a) for audio. You need to install compliant software to view and listen. (Windows Media Player may not work at times.)
Examples of software for MPEG4 (.mp4):
When you download a movie file, the file extension may be rewritten to .mpg or .mpeg depending on the browser you use. If this happens, change the file extension to .mp4 and play the movie using compliant software./dd>

Quality and file format of the video footage

What is the picture quality of the video clips? Is it HD?
Most video provided in the Creative Library was originally shot in a high-definition format. The picture quality was then reduced to make the files smaller before the files were posted on the Creative Library site. The reduced file sizes allow ease of use on home PCs and with home Internet connections.
  • picture quality: approx. 500 kbps
  • Picture size: 640 x 360 (approx.)
  • Movie file format: MPEG4 (.mp4)
  • Audio file format: MPEG4 (.m4a)

Volume of video footage

How many video clips are available in the Library?
The Library is providing around 3,500 video clips as of October 2010. We plan to increase the volume gradually.

Duration of video footage

How long is one piece of video footage?
Most clips are one minute long. Some clips are longer or shorter.

Criteria for footage selection

How did you select the video clips that go into the Creative Library?
First, we made sure that all video clips in the Library are excerpts from NHK's programs and program footage, all copyrights on which belong to NHK. We also tried to achieve a balance in types of content, which include living things, scenery in Japan and the world, Earth and the environment, vehicles and planes, and trick shooting. We also took the needs of children and young people (one of the targeted user groups) into consideration in the selection process. Footage from programs (including dramas and entertainment shows) that contain images of certain people is not included in the Library as it would require rights clearance with such people.

Allowed usages of the creative materials

What am I allowed to do with the creative materials I downloaded?
You can do any of the following things provided you comply with the rules for use as described in the Terms of Use for creative materials:
  • Copy, distribute, share, and make public presentations of the creative materials as they are.
  • Edit and process creative materials and combine with your own videos, photos, audio materials, etc., for your production.
  • Copy, distribute, share, and make public presentations of your production. Such public presentations include showing of the video at public venues and on the Internet (on your own website and/or blog and/or on video sharing websites).

Use for profit prohibited

The Terms of Use ban the use of creative materials for profit. What does "for profit" mean?
We regard the following acts as being for profit and ask users NOT to engage in any of them:
- Gaining profit by selling, lending and/or showing the creative materials in the Library.
- Using a production made entirely of or containing materials from the Creative Library for advertising purposes to promote any product, service, business, or retailer.
- Gaining profit by selling, lending and/or showing a production made entirely of or containing materials from the Creative Library.

Display of copyright holder

How do I comply with the "display of copyright holder" (to indicate that a production contains materials from the NHK Creative Library) as required in the Terms of Use?
For details, please read "Display of the copyright holder" in the FAQ.

Prohibition of unauthorized mix with other copyrighted materials

Am I allowed to combine creative materials from the Library with video clips, photos and music from other TV programs to produce my own?
Other than for personal use at home, you are prohibited by the Copyright Law from making unlicensed use of any work by other people (i.e., movies, TV and radio programs, motion pictures, music, books, fine arts, photographs, and other items subject to copyright). In order to comply with the copyright rules, NHK Creative Library requires the same in its Terms of Use.

Copyright belongs to an author of the work

What happens to the copyright on work I have created using materials in Creative Library?
You own the copyright so long as you are in compliance with the Terms of Use.

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