Service Overview

Reasons for providing the service

Why does NHK provide this service?
Visual and audio clips stored in the NHK Archives have been created using receiving fees paid by viewers. As a public broadcaster, NHK believes it is only appropriate to give these assets back to the viewers for their own use. The service is a part of NHK's commitment to benefitting the public.

Targeted users

Who are the targeted users of this service?
There is no restriction on age, gender, etc., to use the service; anyone interested in playing with and creating videos is welcome.

Aims of the service

What is the intended aim of this service?
We believe an experience of video production using NHK's creative materials at home and/or in classrooms will help people develop their abilities to express and create and help to give them media literacy (i.e., the ability to understand and interpret information through video and other media). We also think experiences with NHK Creative Library will lead users toward a better understanding of NHK.

Zero service fee

Do I have to pay to use the service?
No. There is no charge for using any part of the service (e.g., viewing and downloading of creative materials, screening of works, and creating your own video on the website).

Pre-registration unnecessary

Do I need to register to use the service?
No. There is no pre-registration requirement.

Aim of "Create Video" section

What is the aim of "Create Video" section in this website?
"Create Video" is aimed at providing every visitor to this site (including first-timers) a hands-on experience that will enable them to learn the basics of video production and to feel the excitement that comes from producing videos.

"View Work" page is only for the work created within the website

Can I publish the video that I created using the downloaded creative materials on the "View Work" page?
For now, you can publish only the work that you compiled on the website on the "View Work" page. You cannot post your work to the "View Work" page if you used materials that you downloaded and/or if you mixed the creative materials from the Creative Library with materials from other sources.

Professional use of the creative materials

Can I put Creative Library's footages to the professional use?
No. Creative Library video materials are provided for non-commercial use only. (See the Terms of Use.) Accordingly, any party interested in using NHK's video footage, including footage in the Creative Library's collection, for a professional purpose is advised to contact the following affiliate of NHK for paid use. Please note that NHK's footage is not available to private individuals.

Contact for non-Japanese parties:
NHK International, Inc.
〒150-8001 NHK Center, 2-2-1, Jin-nan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Tel: 81-3-3481-1875
Fax: 81-3-3481-1877

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