About NHK Creative Library

Tap into outstanding video and audio materials

  • • NHK Creative Library is a free Internet service that provides video and audio clips ("creative materials") to our viewers for creative experiences. All creative materials available on this website are extracts from NHK's archived programs and footage.
  • • NHK owns copyrights on the creative materials in the Library, which feature a wide
    range of subjects including living things, the scenery of Japan and the world,
    and Earth and the environment. To enable people to add more effects to
    video productions, NHK's original music clips and sound effects are also
    available. Currently there are approximately 5,000 pieces of material in
    the Library. We plan to add pieces periodically.

Download creative materials and publish your finished work

  • • You can download creative materials provided you agree to the Terms of
    Use (e.g. non-profit usage, display of rights holder, etc.)
  • • Once you have downloaded creative materials, you are free to edit them
    and mix them with other materials (e.g., videos or photographs you have
    taken) to produce your own videos. You can also post your work on blogs
    and video-sharing websites (again provided you comply with the Terms of
    Use). For more information, please read the Terms of Use.

Edit easily on the website, and publish your videos

  • • Using the "Create Video" page, even a first-timer can enjoy producing a video with ease.

    You can publish your videos on this website on the "View Work" page.

Goals of the NHK Creative Library

Enabling the public to benefit from a public asset
• The content in the NHK Creative Library is a public asset built using receiving fees paid by our viewers. This Internet service is a way to return the benefits of the rich content in NHK's archives to the public.
Helping children
• NHK Creative Library's primary target user group is teenagers. We hope to help children develop their creativity, visual literacy, and awareness of copyrights by providing them with an opportunity and tools for producing their own videos.

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