"The domestic workshop in Japan was as hot as the weather"

July 27 has come. Though it was very hot and showery unstable weather, all the motivated participants got together.
Mentors this year are FROGMAN for 2D animation, Mr. Hiroyuki Hayashi for 3DCGI same as last year and Ms. Yoshiko Misumi for Stop-motion animation.
What amazing mentors we have this year as well! The participating teens looked at them intensely.

One of the features this year is to adopt the animation software, Flash that FROGMAN is good at for 2D animation workshop. Flash is used by a lot of professionals and animators since you can create 2D animation relatively easily and quickly with it.
FROGMAN was impressed that the teens almost mastered it on the first time. So, the rest is content of work. The charms of FROGMAN's works are those humorous characters, their communications and story. What I admired is that stories made by early teens including elementary school students are quite interesting. This is attributed to FROGMAN. I think it caused the result that the mentor was FROGMAN who had put a new face on 2D animation. Very impressed!

Another surprise is 3DCGI. Mr. Hayashida made good use of his experience last year. The assignment was a virtual animal and they created something amusing. What is special about it is the quality of the work. Although there're some teens who specialize in 3DCGI, it seems all the participants' skills are as high as they can work right away. They also hold promise for the future.

And it's stop motion animation that participants mainly among elementary school students show enthusiasm for every year. Because of the very cheerful mentor, Yoshiko Misumi, it was more exciting workshop this year. I was so surprised but laughed loud instead when I saw the teens were thinking outside the box and quickly completing their stories that were most likely impossible to make in short time.

The workshop was a huge success this year. Thanks to the mentors that are good teachers as well as top creators in Japan and those motivated teens, I also had a very productive day. Thank you very much and good job, everyone!

Mentors introduction
Visual artist

Creator of "Secret Society Eagle Talon" series. Other works: "guy & The Family Stone", "Kofun Gal No Coffy", "Dokan Kun" series and etc. He established himself as a one of top creators in Japan with his unique style that he does all the work, directing, screenplay, character design, recording, editing and voice recording by his own. The 3rd season of Secret Society Eagle Talon EX is now on NHK E Tele.

“Secret Society Eagle Talon”

Yoshiko MisumiYoshiko Misumi

Born in Fukuoka. Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, Textile major. Started making animation after she met with a short animation industry while in college.
Her finished production at the university, “Googuri Googuri” won the grand prize in ASK? Film Festival 2010, the best art director in Etiuda & Anima in Poland. It was also awarded and screened in other film festivals domestically and internationally.
She is active as an animator of NHK’s TV programs “Minna No Uta” “Okasan To Issho”, “A Tale of Carefree King”. And she also writes picture books and illustrations.

“A Tale of Carefree King”

Yoshiko MisumiHiroyuki Hayashida
3DCGI artist

Grew up in Kita Kyushu Shi, Fukuoka, Japan
Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, Department of Arts, he entered Links (current: IMAGICA) in 1990. After working with Shiseido (AD department), Yellow, Square (current: Square Enix), he became a free 3DCGI artist in 2001. Established LINDA in 2003. As a 3DCGI artist & director, he’s been engaged in various categories of 3DCGI and VFX productions such as commercial, movie, game, music video and so on. Meanwhile he also holds personal exhibition of his art works at gallery in Ginza and Aoyama (Tokyo).

In addition, he writes 3DCGI technical books and articles in magazines like CGWORLD as well as he speaks at seminars held by Autodesk and art schools.

“Cosmic Front”
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