Technological developments

NHK develops technologies for all phases of the Super Hi-Vision experience -from production equipment such as cameras and microphones, to broadcasting systems through which programs will be delivered, and to Super Hi-Vision receivers for home use.

Producing programs

Super Hi-Vision image ●Cameras ●Lenses ●Players ●Editing facilities
●Switchers ●Slow motion players
●Captioning devices
●Image synthesizing device
●SHV-HD down-converter
●HD-SHV up-converter
●Program material transmission device, etc.

22.2 multichannel sound system ●22.2ch sound microphone
●Portable recording and editing device
●3D audio mixing system
●Mixer for live feeds
●3D reverberator
●22.2ch sound headphones processor, etc.

Delivering programs

●Satellite transmission system
●Terrestrial transmission system
●Cable television transmission system
●High-efficiency video/audio codec, etc.

Enjoying programs

●85-inch liquid crystal display
●Display with built-in 22.2 multichannel
 sound reproduction system, etc.